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SZ command

Use description: The SZ command is to use the Zmodem protocol to transfer files from the Linux server to the local, one or more files can be transmitted at a time. The corresponding to upload files from the local to the Linux server, you can use the RZ command.

Common parameters

-A is transmitted (ASCII) in text mode.

-B is transmitted in binary mode (binary).

-e pairs the control character escape (escape), which guarantees that the file transfer is correct.

If you can determine that the file being transferred is in text format, use sz-a files

If it is a binary file, use sz-be files

RZ command

-B in binary mode, default to text mode. (Binary (Tell it as it is) file transfer override.)

-E escapes all control characters. (Force sender to escape the all control characters; Normally XON, XOFF, Dle, CR-@-CR, and Ctrl-x are escaped.)

If you want to ensure that the uploaded file contents are consistent with the original file after the server side is saved, it is best to set both flags, as shown in the following ways:


When this command executes, it pops up the File selection dialog box, selects the files that need to be uploaded, and then starts uploading the process. The speed of the upload depends on the state of the network at that time.

If the execution shows "0 errors", the file upload succeeds, and the other display indicates that there is a problem with the file upload.

Rz,sz is a command-line tool for Linux/unix Zmodem file transfer with Windows.

The advantage is that there is no need to open a sftp tool to upload the download file.

SZ: Sends the selected file (send) to the local machine

RZ: Running this command pops up a file selection window and uploads it to the Linux server from the local selection file

Install Command:

Yum Install Lrzsz

Sending files from the server to the client:

SZ filename

Uploading files from client to server:


Select the file in the pop-up box, and the user and group that uploaded the file are the currently logged on user

SECURECRT Set the default path:

Options-> session Options-> Terminal-> xmodem/zmodem->directories

Xshell Set the default path:

Right-click Session-> Property-> ZMODEM-> receive folder


The Development Board receives files:

1. Access to the directory of the Development Board to receive files
2. Development Board Execution Command # RZ
3. Under Minicom, hold down CTRL + a key and press the Z key
4. Press the S key to select Send File
5. Select Zmodem and confirm with enter key
6. Use a space to select the host to send the file, with the ENTER key to confirm
7. Press any key to return after transmission completes

Development Board to send files:

1. Access to the Development Board directory to send files
2. Access to the host to receive files directory
2. Host Execution Command # RZ
3. Development Board Execution Command # SZ filename

PS: Colleagues and I said securecrt can easily upload the download file, and Xshell did not. I surf the internet to check the original use of the same Sz/rz tool, Xshell under no menu to select the command to be lost.

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