The local computer fails to start the MySQL service error 1067 process terminated unexpectedly

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The local computer fails to start the MySQL service error 1067 process terminated unexpectedly this situation is generally a My.ini file configuration error,

You can delete the My.ini file under the system directory,
Try writing the following back into the My.ini file,
To properly rewrite the file path

My My.ini December 31, 2007

#language =d:/mysql/share/chinese



#language =d:/mysql/share/chinese

Look for the My.ini file under the Windows directory, edit the content (if not, create a new one), and include at least the two basic configurations of Basedir,datadir.

# set Basedir to installation path, e.g., c:/mysql
# Set the installation directory to MySQL
# set DataDir to location of data directory,
# e.g., C:/mysql/data
# Data Directory set to MySQL
Also, be aware that:

To add MySQL to the Windows system service:

1., installation Services.

Under Windows2000, after the installation is complete, and the MySQL is not installed as a service, we must execute the following statement to register MySQL as a service: Installdir\mysql\bin\mysqld-nt–-install.

There is no concept of service under WINDOWS98, so there is no need to install services.

2. Start the service

Under Windows2000, after installing the service, you can start MySQL service: net start MySQL.

Under Windows98, you can start the service with the following command: C:\mysql\bin\mysqld, running in the background after the service starts, and no interface.

3. Stop the Service

Under Windows2000, you can stop the MySQL service by using the following command: net stop MySQL.

Under Windows98, you can stop the service:c:\> C:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin-u root shutdown by following command

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MySql service failed to start system error occurred system error 1067 process terminated unexpectedly

MySql service is starting.
MySql service failed to start.

system error.

System error 1067 has occurred.

The process terminated unexpectedly.

mysqladmin: connect to server at ‘localhost‘ failed
error: ‘Ca n‘t connect to MySQL server on‘ localhost ’(10061)’
Check that mysqld is running on localhost and that the port is 3306.
You can check this by doing ‘telnet localhost 3306’

The following are several solutions, I have tried


After installing MYSQL, change the password of ROOT
net startmysql
I encountered such a problem when I started. After using the following command
c: \ mysql \ bin \ mysqladmin-u root -p shutdown
Then net start mysql will not have this error prompt!


MySQL 1067 error

Q: My MySQL encountered a 1067 error

The error message is:
A system error has occurred.
System error 1067 has occurred.
The process terminated unexpectedly.

A: The solution on my machine is:
Modify% windir% \ my.ini, add
#Set basedir to point to the installation path of mysql
basedir = D: \ Program \ Tools \ mysql
datadir = D: \ Program \ Tools \ mysql \ data


Already done !!!
Seems like this ...
The mysql_install_db script only needs to be run once during the initial installation, and it is not necessary to run it again afterwards. I do n’t know if this is the case. I copied mysql.server to /etc/rc.d/init.d/ and ran chkconfig mysql .server, so far the mysql server starts automatically every time it is turned on, as long as the PATH is set, enter mysql on the command line and everything is done!
It seems that the process of groping is really painful. This has been torturing me for several days ...


Q: My MySQL encountered a 1067 error

The error message is:

A system error has occurred.
System error 1067 has occurred.
The process terminated unexpectedly.


1. Check if your Mysql directory gives the System System user permission.
2. Delete your% WINDOWS% / my.ini file.
3. Check if your c: /my.cnf file is configured correctly.


【☆☆☆ MySql Overview ☆☆☆】
The default installation directory of MySql is c: mysql. After the installation is complete, there is no prompt message saying that the installation is complete. Please click the Finish button or the like to exit directly. If you need to install to another directory, it is recommended to install to c: mysql first, and then move the entire directory to where you want. For example, after moving to d: mysql, you need to edit d: mysqlmy-example.cnf (* .cnf file In Windows 2000, it will be registered as a SpeedDial file, which cannot be operated in the Explorer. Use the command line to start notepad editing, such as running notepadd: mysqlmy-example.cnf, but this file is a text file format under UNIX system Notepad can not be correctly wrapped, you can use write to open the editor,
Or open it with write and save it once, then use notepad to edit it. ) Find the basedir line, remove the preceding "#" comment, and change the following path to the moved directory (the directory separator should use a slash instead of a backslash), and then save as: c: my.cnf
If MySql started in service mode is stopped by net stop mysql, you will get an error message, for example:
C:> net stop mysql
MySql service is stopping.
    system error.
The system has a 1067 error.
The process terminated unexpectedly.
MySql service has been successfully stopped.
It doesn't matter, MySql has indeed stopped. But if you do n’t want to see any error messages
, You can use the following command to stop:
C:> mysqlbinmysqladmin -u root shutdown
If there is no prompt message, it means that MySql has been successfully stopped.
It should be noted that although MySql is claimed to be simple to install and easy to use, it is after all a SQL-based database management system, so if it is not very proficient in SQL, I am afraid that I ca n’t do anything with it.


Mysql service can not start solution
mysql service fails to start

My operating system is win xp
No matter what version of mysql is installed, an error will be reported midway when starting the mysql service in the service of the management tool
The content is: The mysql service cannot be started on the local computer Error 1067: The process was terminated unexpectedly

After seeking advice from many parties, the solution is as follows

Find the my.ini file in the system (later verified should be the windows directory) directory, edit the content (if there is no such file, create a new one), at least contains two basic configurations basedir, datadir.
# set basedir to installation path, e.g., c: / mysql
# Set to the installation directory of MYSQL
basedir = D: / www / WebServer / MySQL
# set datadir to location of data directory,
# e.g., c: / mysql / data or d: / mydata / data
# Set to MYSQL data directory
datadir = D: / www / WebServer / MySQL / data

Also, get an idea
Server = D: /www/WebServer/MySQL/bin/mysqld-nt.exe
user = root
password = xxxxxxxx
#The above is the configuration to set up WinMySQLadmin
user = root
password = xxxxxxxx

hehe ~ solved

Just finished Mysql "Keyword 1067 error"
More depressed, I didn't expect to install Mysql will also go wrong, the error code is 1067 installation and uninstalled several times, it just can't, and some disabled services are turned on, but still not. Finally, I solved it like this:

Find my.ini in C: \ windows and delete it. Then start the winmysqladmin.exe interface to configure mysql and save my.ini. Start mysql and try it.

Mysql error 1067: the process terminated unexpectedly
This problem troubled one morning and was very depressed! I had never encountered this before when installing mysql, but now there is a problem with the higher version of Zhuang, and the same problem is the same when I change to the lower version I installed (the most important thing is that the operating system is the same) . Start the mysql service in the windows2000 service, but always "error 1067: the process terminated unexpectedly"!

I feel that the problem is in the configuration file, so I re-written my.ini, and the startup still has the same effect. I searched on google to no avail and crashed! Just before this moment, an expert's advice was that I was suddenly open. Have you put your ini file in the windows directory? I copied it from the personal directory of the windows directory to the system windows directory and started Service, ok !!!

I'm not satisfied, why is it different? My other machine is installed with version 4.0.18, its my.ini is placed in the windows directory under the user directory, and it is also running normally, I now I ’m a bit confused. People often think less after solving problems, so I feel a little like giving up now. If I do n’t get an answer now, I think this is basically impossible to think about and solve :)


Unable to start MYSQL service on local computer Error 1067 Process terminated unexpectedly

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