The Magic complex of WPS's illustrations

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Execute the Insert]→[Image command to insert an image in the text, and you can edit the image manually. If the image size is not appropriate, click to select the image, the selection box appears around, in the selection box, press the left mouse button and drag operation, you can press the aspect ratio of the original to adjust the image size; Right-click the image, execute the object Properties command on the shortcut menu, and in the Picture Size tab of the Picture Frame dialog box, select the full "And make sure that you can arbitrarily change the original aspect ratio, arbitrary scale image size."

To extract part of the image, double-click the image, activate the Picture toolbar, click the [rectangular trim] button and drag on the image, draw a rectangular trim box, double-click to cut out the outside of the box, and click the Oval Trim button to trim the image to an oval shape. Even better, click the [Polygon trim] button, you can draw a Pentagon trim box, open the Picture Frame dialog box, and under the Picture Size tab, change the number of edges of the polygon, and adjust the concave proportions to trim the image to a polygonal star (Figure 1).

If there are more than two illustrations in the text that overlap, to show only the main part of the top image, the rest is transparent, does not obscure the underlying image, click "Transparent", and point to the transparent part of the upper image, OK, the extra part of the upper image is transparent and the two images are completely integrated (Figure 2)--of course, The transparent part should be continuous the same color, need to deal with in advance yo!

In summary, the WPS processing image can not be separated from the "picture" tool bar, click Grayscale, color images automatically turn to 256-order gray, click Black and White, 2-bit black and white images, and, in addition, adjust the brightness and contrast of the image on the toolbar, and in the Fill Shadow tab of the dialog box, set the shadow for the image. Until satisfaction is reached. If all the above operation is not right, just click "Back to Original image", the images will automatically restore the original!

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