The Magic "paint" tool helps me with the description of the database "fields in table". __ Database

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Cause: Usually in the picture to add some text, for convenience, I like to use the system with the drawing tools to add.

Note: I use the system for the WIN7 flagship edition. Click the right mouse button in the picture, and in the pop-up menu

, and then choose Paint, you can use the drawing tool to edit the picture.


We know that when you design a table in a database in SQL, the description of the table's fields is not on the same line.

Instead, it is placed in its properties and feels like it is not very convenient to view. And we're doing the design with a description of the relevant fields,

How to facilitate the description of the field.

The screenshot of the design table in SQL2005 is as follows:

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

How to make it easier to describe a table field. Inadvertently I found a way to first look at the effect of the screenshot below:

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

Implementation steps:

1. In the SQL design of the table to take a screenshot, screenshots remember to leave some space to wait for the description of the text to write.

2. With paint to open just cut the diagram, in the "toolbar", select "a", a means to enter the meaning of the text.

Screenshot below:

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

3. Set the font of the text to "Microsoft Ya Black", the size of "8", and then in the appropriate position to pull a text input box,

After the description of a field, directly press ENTER can go on to explain the next field, convenient bar.

Screenshot below:

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

4. After the description of the field, save the file directly, and then insert it into the documentation.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

your very satisfaction is my pursuit of the purpose.

A little advice from you is my motivation to follow.

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