The magical application of document structure diagram in WPS text

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In the use of WPS to read a long article, often want to find a small part of the article, you will be browsing from the beginning, or even can not find. However, if you set the browse directory in the WPS text, it is more convenient and quick to search according to the title of the directory.

Add Close button-more convenient to turn off

When you use the Word Document Map, to turn it off, often repeat this work "view-Document Map", very troublesome, now do not worry, WPS in the Document Map window in the upper right corner provides us with the Close button, when we need only a mouse click can let it disappear from the window. And when you open the Document Map, you can also choose to place it on the left or right side of the interface. It's really "my turf, I'm the boss."

Document Structure Chart

Increase display outline level function-Show hidden more freely

In WPS's Document Map, you can display a heading style of one to nine levels, as long as we are editing the document, set the outline level of the title, you can choose to display a few levels of headings when you need to add this feature, the document structure chart will be able to scale the title level, we want to show a few grades, Some of the headings you don't need can be hidden for the time being.

Add bookmark feature-Faster bookmark positioning

As we all know, bookmarks are a kind of logo added in the document when reading, which can be easily read or referenced later. Add a bookmark to the document, and the next time you open it, you don't need to scroll up or down in the document to locate the text. WPS embeds the Display bookmark feature in the Document Map, it eliminates every time we want to locate text that is not heading to the "Insert-bookmark" Repeat operation, we want to see the last inserted bookmark, without closing the document Map, directly click the display level will appear the word "bookmark", select it, Inserted all the bookmarks appear, need which one, the mouse on the bookmark name lightly, the cursor will automatically jump to the corresponding place in the document, how, very convenient?

In the WPS text, you want to have a structured view of the document content, you need to switch to the Document Map settings. In WPS's Document Map, you can display heading styles, add bookmark functionality, and navigate to what you want at the first time. The above content hope to be helpful to you.

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