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Writing, which is almost synchronized with human history, is also one of the most important and fundamental elements in visual communication design. Her history should have been a lot of students have done share introduction, here will not repeat. What I want to talk about is the use of fonts in web design, she is the most common type of bearer: Banner font design, which is almost every web designer will encounter the design content, whether it is banner, banner, or a variety of large and small size and campaign marketing promotion of the page head, you can see the figure of font design.

Alibaba China home page after the revision of the pages of the banner recommendation has a higher demand, which also triggered my thinking on how to do a banner, I think in the banner design of the relative graphics and background elements of the use of the text itself design and typesetting to be more important, Even in the absence of any background elements of the case, the text can still be good to convey information, so if we are clever design of the text on the banner can not only clear the expression of the design theme also can enhance user attention so as to obtain a high click rate, but also to enhance the Web page aesthetic value, Only the clear way of such thinking to better formulate design specifications to ensure that the quality of the page ads consistent.

The following is based on my understanding of the general list of some of the most common banner font design expressions (visual Daniel please tap):

According to the specific content of the text itself and its meaning, so that the text of the stroke structure and the meaning of the text content consistent with the user's psychological expectations, the following figure in the "broken" word deliberately in the last cut.

Think about who the banner audience is, or who the product is, for children's products, in the performance of the font can be childish and lively some, in the design to add some childlike meaning, if it is for mechanical products, you can do in the font stroke structure of some hard, angular, if it is for women, The construction of the text can be slender and soft, can also be fashionable and beautiful, if ...

According to the different theme atmosphere design, such as the Dragon Boat Festival, the mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals to promote the design, you can increase the design elements of the humanities, such as the use of calligraphy fonts, to foil this atmosphere, the same more common also some use gift belt, flower vine and other decorative elements of the text appear to increase the aesthetic sense of

Combined with auxiliary graphics and fonts, such a combination is very common, the design principle is based on the meaning of words, the use of related graphic elements and font strokes of the body, the use of graphic elements can be figurative or abstract, but for this form is also easy to fall into the mire of design, Excessive enhancement of graphics or graphics is too complex, but the effective transmission of the impact of the design, as far as possible to avoid excessive design.

As the last stroke of the Wubi painting, in addition to the above-described content, for banner in the font design or should be traced back, the formal aesthetic sense of nature is the design performance of the one hand, but the beautiful business design can not be separated from a design key elements: Easy to understand, how can you make the font both beautiful and good communication ability? ?

1. When we do the font design, stroke thickness and style to achieve unity, here said the unity is not to let you have all the strokes of the text to adjust the same touch, but for in a word, the same point and point or horizontal and horizontal and so need to try to maintain a size and thickness, The advantage is that the same strokes will not be the same size, the visual messy feeling. After the completion of such a thickness adjustment, in order to make the text more change, for the common hook, fold, etc. should also be the unity of style, as far as possible to combine the text to look at the time with a relatively consistent visual feeling.

2. Space balance, simply speaking, in the design of fonts need to adjust space to leave white, the font of Chinese characters has a simple, reasonable allocation of white space in the strokes, can make the text look more harmonious, not because some Chinese characters too cumbersome, space to leave white enough to cause very crowded very depressed extreme situation.

3. In order to solve the possible occurrence of a certain number of strokes are too large, easy to appear in different visual severity, for the design of the finished font combination of the overall adjustment process, as far as possible to achieve a sense of vision and consistency.

Written in the end, this article only as a time of their own design knowledge accumulation, used for the display of the case pictures are collected from the usual network, the reason for the use of the dots as the title is because this is the most basic Chinese writing strokes, the same text as the most basic visual design elements exist, There is a certain similarity between the two, the master said that design is not a skill, but to capture the nature of things and insights ability, very much agree. I hope this text can give you some inspiration, but also hope to get more related to share, appreciate.

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