The MDT Update 1 Preview installation configuration for Windows 10 Enterprise Batch Deployment

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Yesterday we mentioned the ADK 10 installation and WDS installation configuration required in the Windows 10 Enterprise batch deployment, and today we bring you the installation and configuration of the last component, MDT Update 1 preview. The preview version of MDT Update 1 leverages the Windows Evaluation and Deployment Toolkit ADK 10 to support partial touch installation of Windows 10 or fully automatic installation of Windows 10, as well as Windows 8 and Windows 7 (LTI) Department. Next, we'll start our installation configuration operation:

First, the installation of the MDT Update 1 preview:

1. Double-click on the MDT Update 1 Preview Installer and continue by clicking Next:

2, check the I accept the terms in the License agreement is the license Agreement:

3. Select the installation directory and proceed directly to next:

4, do not need to join the organization temporarily, click Next to continue:

5. Click "Install" to continue:

6, waiting for the completion of the installation operation:

7. Click "Finish" to complete the installation of the MDT Update 1 preview:

Ii. configuration of the MDT Update 1 preview:

2.1. Open Deployment Workbench Console and right-click to select New Deployment share:

2.2. Set deployment share local storage path:

2.3. Set the UNC share name, here accept the default next continue:

2.4, set the description name, here accept the default next continue:

2.5, the relevant options, can be selected as required, here is not selected, click Next to continue:


Ask If a computer backup should be performed: whether the computer needs to perform a backup;

Ask for a product key: The Enterprise default KMS server in large, or MAK activation can be selected separately;

Ask to set the local administrator password: If you need to set up an administrator password locally, this is not set for the time being.

Ask If an image should is captured: whether you need to capture the image before deployment;

Ask if BitLocker shouble be enabled: BitLocker encryption is turned on during deployment;

2.6. Click Next to continue:

2.7, the configuration is complete, click Finish to complete:

2.8. After the configuration is complete, the interface is as follows:


    • Applications: Software Installation (common software app, bat script, VBS script, etc.)

    • Operating Systems: Operating system (can be based on a full media image or a template Wim file)

    • Out-of-box Drivers: Drivers (drivers used by regular computers, network cards, video cards, sound cards, USB, etc.), in the form of. Inf\sys\cab, etc.)

    • Packages: Vulnerability Fix Pack (driver package, recommended in a production environment for template mirroring or direct use of WSUS operations)

    • Task Sequences: Tasks sequence (deployment task sequence)

    • Advanced Configuration && Monitoring: Premium Settings

The configuration of the MDT is basically done here, and the following chapter introduces the system image, software, driver and other import operations and configuration operations to complete the content of our enterprise deployment. If the article is insufficient, please criticize it promptly, thank you.

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The MDT Update 1 Preview installation configuration for Windows 10 Enterprise Batch Deployment

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