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When running some large capacity programs or games in computer systems, the system will often automatically eject "XX memory can not be read or written" error prompts, encountered this kind of fault information, how can we effectively exclude it, while ensuring that the next large capacity of the program or game, system memory Read and write errors are not repeated? In fact, when we encounter the above fault information, we can try to follow the following steps to troubleshoot: Remove Invalid plugin

In the process of surfing the Internet, many plug-ins will be secretly installed in the computer system, and many plug-ins often have the function of anti-deletion, so these plug-ins can easily conflict with other applications, which indirectly caused the system memory read and write error phenomenon. In order to provide a clean, stable working environment, we'd better regularly use a program like 360 security guards to see if the system has been secretly installed a variety of invalid garbage plug-ins, once found, it can be directly from the system to uninstall clean.

Manual Repair System Services

Windows Management Instrumentation services related to system memory read and write operations can also cause the system to eject memory read and write errors if an error occurs, so when we encounter this error, try to manually fix windows Management Instrumentation service, the following is the specific repair steps:

First, right-click the My Computer icon in the System desktop. Run the Manage command from the pop-up shortcut menu, open the Local system's Computer Management window, display the area to the left of the window, expand the Services and Applications/services option in turn, and in the right area of the corresponding service option , locate the Windows Management Instrumentation service, right-click the service option, and execute the Properties command from the pop-up shortcut menu to open the Service Properties settings interface;

Second, in the General tab of the settings interface, click the Stop button to temporarily stop the Windows Management Instrumentation service. After that, open the Resource Manager window for the computer system, expand Windows, System32, WBEM, Repository, and then back up all the files in the Repository folder window. Clear all the contents of the folder after the backup is complete;

Next, restart the computer system, and then click the "Start" button in the Windows Management Instrumentation service after it is successfully started, so that Windows The Management instrumentation service will work properly.

Repairing system Corrupted files

If the computer system is accidentally infected with a virus or mistakenly deleted, the system files associated with the system memory read-write operation are likely to be corrupted, and if these system files are damaged, then we are vulnerable to memory read and write failure prompts. So, once we encounter the memory read and write error prompts, you may wish to follow the steps below to fix the system to see if the system has corrupted files:

First use the latest version of antivirus software, to the computer system for a thorough virus killing operations, because once the computer system infected with the virus without cleaning, even if we repair the system files, the virus may continue to damage the system files, so timely use of anti-virus software to remove all the virus in the computer clean , you can ensure that system files do not continue to be threatened by viruses.

Second, use the system's own "SFC" command to try to fix the damaged system files to their normal state. When repairing a damaged system file, simply enter "CMD" in the Run, open the Command Prompt window, enter the string command "Sfc/scannow", and then click the ENTER key to scan the system files at each corner of the system. Once the system file is found to be incorrect or the system file is corrupted, it will automatically pop-up the prompt interface, asking us to insert the Windows System installation CD-ROM to extract the normal system files to replace the abnormal system files, so as to achieve the purpose of repairing the system files. If the system repair operation is successful, believe that we restart the computer system, we will not see any abnormal phenomenon.

Release system memory in time

We know that when running some large capacity programs or games, you need to consume a considerable amount of system memory resources, if there is not enough memory space, then the system memory read and write error tips are likely to occur. In order to effectively avoid this kind of error, we'd better start the computer system before we run a larger program or game, so that we can fully release the system memory space, if the computer memory space itself is relatively small, then we recommend that you should upgrade the memory in time, In order to expand the memory of the effective use of space to prevent system memory due to the system memory read and write error occurred.

Of course, in the case of a system with insufficient memory space, we should first disable the randomly activated anti-virus software and related real-time monitoring programs to temporarily shut down, and then try to run larger applications or online games, because anti-virus software and related monitoring programs to some extent consumes some of the system memory resources, Turning them off can save a significant amount of memory space, which can effectively prevent memory read and write errors from occurring. Of course, it should be noted that after running a large capacity of the program or game, we must also remember that the relevant procedures in a timely manner to open the monitoring function.

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