The method of adjusting landscape illumination by using calculation intermediate adjustment in Photoshop

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Online Download "Selected art-photoshop CS layer channel depth analysis" generally when I read e-books, I read and learn. If I meet the requirements, I will follow the method described in the book,

Produced such a textbook. Text editors are taken from this book. Feel good to share with you.

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Effect Chart:

In the landscape photo adjustment shown in the following illustration, we used the "calculation" command to make an intermediate selection. Under the constraints of this selection, the "USM Sharpening" filter is used to emphasize the midtones detail.

Use the Hue/saturation command to correct the color and color saturation of the midtones area. In contrast to the direct use of these commands, this avoids the pleasant and darkened areas where digital noise and color changes dramatically.

First step: Open the original image named landscape. From the appearance of the image, this is a serious lack of darkened image, reflected on the histogram, you can see the histogram of the color range is not enough,

Also the dark color palette is darkened by severe ghost deficiency. As for the image has no She and saturation of other defects, it is necessary to wait until the image of the initial adjustment can be seen.


Step two: Create a level adjustment layer and use the levels command to make an initial adjustment to the image.

With a preliminary analysis of the image square diagram, the image adjustment method is also well aware of. For this landscape picture, first manually "input levels" of white and black sliders so that "RGB"

Levels extend to the full color order range, and then manually "input levels" of the middle slider to the right, so that the image tones to restore balance. In the process of adjustment, the reader should always pay attention to the histogram shape changes in the Histogram palette.

Color Order Chart:

After the "levels" command adjustment, the image is basically back to normal. Next, there is room for improvement in evaluating the image.

First, the trees and mountains are not clear enough, and then the Blue Sky Lake has too much cyan, and the color of these areas is slightly not bright enough.

Step Three: We note that too many of these areas that need to be improved belong to the middle tonal range of the image.

Therefore, use the Calculate command, as shown in the following illustration, to use exclusion mode to get an intermediate tonal channel named "Alpha 1". From this channel image you can see that the highest light of the image

And the darkest tune is basically excluded.

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