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Note that the download is a binary sedan, not with Windows Installer.


x86 download Http://
x64 Download Http://

Before performing the following steps, tentatively assume the following:
PostgreSQL to be fitted in D:\postgresql
The database is intended to be stored in D:\postgresql\data

First download the latest version to be used, the following steps to achieve the manual installation of PostgreSQL, initialize the database, the PostgreSQL registration as a service.

1, decompression to D:\postgresql, create a data directory;

2. Set environment variables, edit batch files configure environment variables. VBS (PERMANENT)

A) The contents are as follows

On Error Resume Next
set Sysenv=createobject ("Wscript.Shell"). Environment ("system") ' Array object
Path = CreateObject (' Scripting.FileSystemObject ') for system environment variables. GetFolder ("."). Path
' Add variable
sysenv ("pghome") = "D:\pgsql"
sysenv ("PGHOST") = "localhost"
sysenv ("Path") =sysenv (" Pghome ") +" \ Bin; " +sysenv ("Path")
sysenv ("Pglib") =sysenv ("pghome") + "\lib"
sysenv ("Pgdata") =sysenv ("pghome") + "\data"

WScript.Echo "PostgreSQL environment variable installation success!" You don't need to restart your computer! "

b) implemented as follows:

3, in the blank place hold shift Click the right mouse button, new open a CMD window, and CD to D:\postgresql\bin;

4. Initialize and create the database (once)

initdb.exe-d D:\postgresql\data-E UTF-8--locale=chs-u postgres-w

-D: Specifies the storage directory for the database cluster E:\pgsql\data

-E: Specifies the user name of the superuser for DB Postgres

--locale: About regional Settings (Chinese-simplified-china)

-u: Default encoding format CHS

-W: Tips for assigning passwords to super users

As follows:

4. Start the database

Note: If you are not registered as a system service, you need to manually start each time, otherwise the PGADMIN3 connection database fails

pg_ctl-d d:\postgresql-l logfile Start

The display is as follows:

After startup, generate a logfile file in the home directory where the database is installed: D:\postgresql\logfile

5. Registration for WIN8 system services

Note: Administrator privileges are required to

Pg_ctl register-n postgresql-d D:\postgresql\data

View Registered Services: Win+r in the pop-up Run box, enter: Services.msc, as follows:

net start PostgreSQL to see if it starts: command-line Input tasklist

Netstat–an can view all IP uninstall services that establish a connection to the local computer: Administrator privileges are also required, two ways

1) pg_ctl unregister–n PostgreSQL (WIN8)

2 SC Delete PostgreSQL (PostgreSQL)

6. Configure the PGADMIN3 client

Directory for D:\postgresql\bin\ pgAdmin3, double-click, configure

7. Connection Database Successful

How do I get PostgreSQL to support remote logins?

Only need to configure on the server side
Modify two files:


For example, the DB server IP in the environment is,
The IP of the client is

Add in postgresql.conf file:
listen_addresses = ' * '

Add in pg_hba.conf file:
Host All Trust
24 indicates that the mask is, so it is open for all IP on this subnet.
You can visit on the

Perform after completion
C:\windows\system32>net Stop PostgreSQL
C:\windows\system32>net Start PostgreSQL

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