The method of JS changing embed label SRC value

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This paper illustrates the method of JS changing embed label SRC value. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows:

Today there is a need for a bunch of videos, a bunch of links, click on the relevant links to open related videos on this page.

The first idea, very simple, directly to the SRC value into the click of the href value is OK.

Try the next, find this not good, video how release is put, always is just open that.

Second idea, to add a label outside the embed, the contents of the empty, and then write in, this can always be.

Try it, like the above, still not.

Tried a lot of similar methods, or not.

Finally, think, put the embed tag hidden (display:none), and then empty the test. It's finally ready!

The code is as follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A var TABV = document.getElementById ("F_TABV"); var tabva = Tabv.getelementsbytagname ("a"); var TABCV = document.getElementById ("F_TAB_CV"); tabcv.innerhtml = ' <embed src= ' abc.wmv ' autostart= ' true ' width= ' 545 ' height= ' 325 ' type= ' video/x-ms-asf ' ></ Embed> '; for (var i=0 i<tabva.length; i++) {tabva[i].onclick=function () {var href1 = This.getattribute ("href"); var Href2 = ' ; EMBED src= "' +href1+ '" autostart= "true" width= "545" height= "325" "type=" video/x-ms-asf "></EMBED>"; Tabcv.getelementsbytagname ("embed") [0].style.display= "None"; Tabcv.innerhtml= ""; Tabcv.innerhtml=href2; For (i=0 i<tabva.length; i++) {tabva[i].classname= ';} this.classname = ' act '; return false; } }
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