The most complete Test team building method in history

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Background: The company has just set up a product line, naturally also need to form a corresponding Test team, this time the company chose a small a to be responsible for the formation and management of the Test team, and currently a small a person. So the question is, as a newly appointed Test manager, how does small a go about doing it one step at a way? What skills are needed to be able to take on such responsibilities?

Looking for teammate : the so-called paddle, the first step is definitely to recruit (this time for the team's goals should also have a general direction, the following details); Of course, the company is not local tyrants, the budget is limited, generally very good people are not willing to come. In such a situation, how to find the right teammate? Good: Find potential stocks, and then cultivate in the team (back then consider how to retain the problem after training).

This time, go online to find or analyze the next good test personnel should have some of the quality and hard skills, so small a according to their own collection and understanding listed the following points, as a few conditions to find teammates:

1, familiar with a language, have coding experience, preferably trained, these for the back of the automation and continuous integration is very useful;

2, logical thinking ability and divergent thinking ability is better, this is an excellent test staff is very important quality;

3, the initiative is better, there is a certain degree of ambition (team at the beginning, do not recruit to goof, so for the team is certainly a devastating blow);

Of course, the recruitment requirements are not able to write this, but should be written more simple, so that the opportunity to receive a large number of resumes (because the people who have proved that they do not usually go to the resume), and then began to constantly based on the request to screen resumes, the job of the interview ....

Ok, after a period of effort and negotiation (this time the communication skills of small A should be improved unprecedentedly), we finally formed an initial team, even though the team is currently only 5-6 people (the boss said, the team will continue to expand after the expansion of the business). Also, these 5-6 individuals are not all satisfied with the above conditions (it is too difficult to recruit the right teammates, only to look back slowly).

Team goal : The next thing to do is how to get the team to work as expected. No matter what you do, you need to have a goal, the team is the same, first of all to understand the team's goals? Of course, their yy or not, here are a few ways to confirm the goals of the team:

1, find the relevant responsible person to confirm their expectations, including: superiors, developers, testers, technical support staff, etc., because each person's focus is not the same, for example: testers expect to see their progress.

2, think how to better support the future development of products.

3, from the company's vision (if any) to the test team how to do their own link, such as: A game team if there are 100 million users, our performance testing may be a challenge?

4, on the internet and the industry and other aspects to see how other excellent Test team is how

Through the above methods, small a confirms the team's objectives, as follows (it is not found that the Test team in addition to ensure quality and cost savings in fact there are many other goals):

    • To publish valuable, high-quality, competitive products (company expectations);

    • Faster feedback on product quality and timely discovery of product issues (development expectations)

    • Continuous technical improvement to better support the future development of products (higher expectations);

    • People's technology can be continuously improved and have a clear direction of development (testers expectations);

    • The whole test work is more technical content (testers ' expectation);

    • The team atmosphere is better, everyone can work under the relaxed environment (testers ' expectations);

    • Team stability, the core staff turnover rate is lower (higher expectations);

After the formation of a team goal, the following is the decomposition of the target, and the formation of concrete can be implemented to support the corresponding goals; for example: how to achieve the goal of publishing valuable, high-quality, competitive products, what can we do? This piece needs the Test Manager to have the corresponding target decomposition ability, the following can provide several aspects for reference:

1, improve everyone's business understanding ability, this is to ensure a product quality basis it;

2, improve the needs of everyone to understand the ability to ensure that our products are customers want;

3, the function of automation and continuous integration, to ensure that the final basic ability of the product through Automation assurance;

4, based on the code and business logic testing, better guarantee the quality of the product code;

Then make specific implementation plans for each of the decomposition goals, such as: Improve your business understanding, what we want to achieve (as much as possible to quantify points, satisfy the smart law, otherwise not good to evaluate). We assume that little a is determined by analyzing the following plan to achieve the goal (this shows the Test manager's plan management ability):

1, each person divides own responsibility module, small a oneself is responsible for the entire product module divides, will each module can string up (here manifests the Test Manager's business analysis ability).

2. Everyone needs to confirm the corresponding module business logic with corresponding development, and will be responsible for the business logic of the module.

3, take turns to explain their own responsible modules, and arrange questions to ensure that everyone can be more familiar with the business of other modules.

After the plan is determined, schedule the corresponding time, then analyze the risk of achieving the target yourself, and try to solve it in advance, for example: several risks and corresponding solutions that may be encountered in this process (this shows the risk analysis and control ability of the Test manager):

1, the module is too many, and everyone's energy and time is limited, there may be no way to fix all the modules, the corresponding solution is: their own according to the importance of the module allocation, the other to the corresponding development training.

2, the development does not cooperate, causes the communication to be not smooth, cannot achieve the expected effect; the corresponding solution is: to communicate with their eldest brother, to seek cooperation.

3, some of the testing personnel capacity is insufficient, resulting in their own module business understanding of the general ability, can not achieve the expected; The solution is: advance identification, process tracking, so that the best people take more responsibility.
4, the module is too complex, the analysis is very difficult, a lot of development is not clear; the solution is: advance identification, find out the immediate termination or change module, save everyone's time, to avoid hitting everyone's enthusiasm.

Of course, we may not be able to pre-contract all the risks, later found that the problem in a timely manner to resolve.

Team Process and the system : The so-called inadequate surrounding area, we want to let the team to better go to the goal to move forward, need to pass a series of system to ensure this, avoid everyone's goal is not consistent with the team goals can not be completed, then we should be how to develop the team's entire process and system? Here are a few suggestions for reference:

1, the system must be for the purpose of service, otherwise there is no need for this system (of course, may also aim to improve);

2, the system is not much, need to give everyone a certain free space;

3, each system needs to have the corresponding reward and punishment mechanism, otherwise with no one;

4, to determine the system should be treated equally, oneself also must set an example, otherwise no one will abide by;

5, the system should be discussed with the team members, so that it will be more credible, but also easier to form a departmental culture;

6, do not conflict with the company's system;

We assume that small A has formed the following Team System through the above analysis method (others are perfected as needed):

1. Department assessment process and system

2. Tutor System

3. Leave and overtime system

4. Technical Improvement System

5. Sharing and communication system

6. Departmental activity System

7, the test personnel's work guidance and the system

After the completion, with everyone to discuss and improve, and finally agreed, each time the improvement of each with you to confirm (not recommended to update the system often, so that the system does not have credibility, also do not have a piecemeal situation)

Personnel Division of Labor : team goals and specific plans after the confirmation, all on their own a person must be uncertain, so the appropriate work needs to be arranged to the appropriate personnel. This will both foster the ability to focus on the direction of the whole team and some key events (where the test manager has the ability to know how to use it, to discover the strengths of everyone in the team, and to make reasonable use of them). There are also some methods on the Internet, we have to complement the brain. So who does a team need? The author according to own experience provides the following reference:

1, the project manager (behind the training team management staff)

2, technical cattle (back responsible for team technical improvement and planning)

3, product experts (can be very familiar with the business and demand of products)

4, Testers (complete the department's daily test tasks, and constantly improve their testing skills)

Personnel Cultivate : to recruit the right people or to put the right people in the right place, we need to train these people to improve their competence, and this requires the Test manager itself to have the corresponding skills, such as: If a Test manager himself is not automated, Even if there is no contact with automation, then unless you find another expert in automation, the team's automation will certainly go a lot of detours, so how to train the corresponding personnel? The training of automation personnel to give examples (other ways to take a similar approach)!

1, choose 2-3 people with better coding ability;

2, according to their previous experience to choose a suitable for their own product automation framework.

3, let everyone choose some of the most basic functions (need to test frequently) use cases, try to automate (because the above does not necessarily give time, this block of time suggests the use of extra time, or to squeeze out time to do, otherwise failed to the above account);

4, the completion of the rapid operation, so that we see the effect (unsuccessful words can be quickly found), so as to enhance the confidence of everyone;

5, the identification of the program, continued to invest extra time and display effect, until the development and the above feel that automation has brought value, this time the above will naturally take the initiative to put people into the (this time the Golden Age of automation came), at the same time on the face of their own work should also be more recognized it;

6, from the automation personnel found a better ability, focus on training, so that it began to take charge of the entire automation project; until it can be fully competent, and can be liberated to do other planning work;

OK, until the entire team of personnel ability to cultivate to be competent for the corresponding work, they only need to be responsible for the direction of the future development of the whole team, and constantly to motivate everyone, improve the effectiveness of the entire team can be.

The most complete Test team building method in history

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