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PS Late beginners, will always go a lot of detours, we can not avoid the PS powerful processing functions are confused, wish to all the functions are reflected, as if this can represent the drawing, will be later. Small series on the network to collect some of the pictures made by netizens, to the example and everyone said, which PS skills are not learned, not good where? Let small make up poison tongue once, to do good for the purpose of doing a back "wicked."

Beautiful PS Instance 1

The biggest failure of this picture is to adjust the color of the flower, the hair is so dry as grass, the skin presents a strange cyan, the cheeks of the ruddy appear very suddenly, more highlighted the lack of color relationship of the picture contradictions. All PS Color Matching premise is in accordance with their own color relationship, can not completely reshape the color between the progressive and contrast relationship, otherwise than image quality, also very abrupt.

This picture, the first glance, can also be, because the picture of the relationship between the light and light processing is right, has established a relatively strong three-dimensional, but portrait pictures generally taboo to adjust the bias is too distorted. Such burgundy color skin, and not much beauty, but it seems very sick, so as a small contact to make play can, but not advanced.

Beautiful PS Instance 2

This picture should focus on the method of grinding the skin, is the use of Gaussian blur filter to deal with the screen, so although the skin is smooth, but completely lost the texture of the skin. This way of decorating the skin has been eliminated and is not in line with the prevailing aesthetic, so if you're still using it, stop right now. In addition, although the local light up the teeth, but the white is a little distorted, but like dentures.


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