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Yesterday, I saw an article called "is my website not my own?", A webmaster shares the stories of several of his students and points out that there is a hidden worry in the all-in-one website creation service of the website construction company.

Yesterday I saw an article called 《The "all-in-one website creation service" is worrying that the website that I spent money on is not my own?A webmaster shares the stories of several of his students and points out that the website construction company's "all-in-one website creation service" has hidden worries. maybe you have spent a lot of money on the website and only have the right to use it, but no ownership. This is indeed an annoying thing. Therefore, the author suggests that if you need to build a website, you should register your own domain name and purchase space. However, is this true for all people and companies engaged in website construction? I believe that I am not. I wrote this article to name the all-in-one website creation service.

It is undeniable that the author has said that in the website construction industry, there are indeed some bad companies. Before signing a ticket with the customer, he blew himself up. after signing the ticket, he tried to design various charging traps. However, we say that everything depends on both sides. any beautiful thing has two sides. one side is beneficial to us, or it will damage our interests, but it is only a trade-off between gain and loss. For a simple example, we all know that the Internet is the trend of the times. However, while providing us with convenient and fast information and various services, the Internet also has many security risks, for example, the risk of personal information theft, the risk of capital security, and so on. The best way to avoid risks is not to use the Internet, but do you think you will choose? Another example is the article published by the Author. after the article is submitted, some non-cool people will copy your article, remove your link, and add your own link as your original release, even those who do not have the exercises will directly go to your website to copy the articles you have not yet published as their original articles, but you have contributed the articles. why? Because you are willing to take on such risks, you feel that the contribution has a higher benefit than the one not reserved.

So is the website construction industry. We have an excellent website construction company, and there is also a bad news in the industry. why should we beat the whole industry to death by a single one-sided phenomenon? Yes, the website construction industry is evolving rapidly, but this is true for any industry. Survival of the fittest is the basic rule for natural development and the basic rule for the development of human society, however, some poor website construction companies do not deliver domain name space FTP or other information that belongs to the customer's ownership after the charges are paid, if a website construction company is eager to attack you, they can find various excuses, such as delaying the website launch time indefinitely, unless the customer adds money, such as an estimate that the design is ugly and the customer requires modification, then, fees are charged based on the modified scope, or even the whole website construction process is not clearly stated with the customer, and fees are charged in disguise after the contract is signed. These things are common. If the website construction company is worried that it will not deliver domain name space and FTP management information, it will have to register its own domain name and purchase space, then there will be a charging trap in the design, should we design it ourselves? There is a charging trap in program code optimization during Website construction. do we write our own code? If these customers can solve the problem on their own, do you still need to find the website construction company service?

It is true that if you feel that you do not have full trust in the website construction company and are worried about the ownership of the website, when you sign a website construction contract with a website construction company, the customer can indicate that after the website construction is completed, the website construction company must provide all the FTP management information for the domain name space, all worried issues are clearly indicated in the contract, so that even if there is a dispute in the future, there is a basis for dispute. The other is the preliminary study of website construction companies. You must select a formal, reputable, and powerful website construction company. if necessary, you can also conduct on-site inspections on the website construction company to implement all precautions before signing the contract. The author of this article said that his website is not made by a professional website construction company, but is just a designer on the internet. The author is in Shenzhen and the designer is in Guilin, the communication between the two is only completed through the network. as a result, my website has only the right to use and no ownership. who can blame?

Currently, there are a lot of free website templates on the internet. you can use them by downloading a domain name and then registering a domain name to buy a space. The cost is only a hundred yuan, and it does not look worse than the design of professional website construction companies. why do so many people choose to spend money on website construction companies? This is not only because the website construction company can provide a full set of all-in-one website construction services. the customer only needs to provide the information that needs to be displayed on the website, but also the security and uniqueness of a website. Other customers prefer price comparison. If you are looking for a few website construction companies to make a quote, you can choose one if you have a low quote. we don't say that the price is cheap and there is no good goods. However, after all, website construction does not go to the vegetable market to buy a Chinese cabbage, chinese cabbage grows naturally in the ground, and the cost is low, so it doesn't matter if you cut the price low, but the real website construction relies on technology, and the page has a dedicated person Design, the code is coded one by the programmer and must provide after-sales service to ensure that the website can be processed as quickly as possible when a problem occurs. If your domain name space is purchased by yourself, but you do not know how to manage it, the website is designed by someone else, but the program is done by someone else, when the website encounters a problem, you don't know who to look for, and whether the responsible party can respond quickly?

Although the website construction is not comparable to those of LV and Chanel, it is also costly. If you have no choice of a regular website construction company because you are greedy, cheap, or convenient, why are you charged for the one-stop website construction service? After all, the all-in-one website creation service is only one of many website construction types. it is only necessary for different customer groups to provide better services.

Text: Guangzhou website Construction Co., (Guangzhou Qiyi Network Technology Co., Ltd.), reprinted please keep the original link. Thank you!

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