The new version of PHP will move closer to Java

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The so-called "PHP" is an open source Web application development/runtime environment, A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Zeev Suraski, a member of the center, about the future development plan of the PHP Development Center. Zeev Suraski indicates that the new version of PHP will import try, catch and other statements, so as to be closer to Java, so as to facilitate the development of large-scale systems. (Interviewer: Takahashi Trust)
-- Let's talk about the reasons for PHP development.
Rasmus Lerdorf first announced PHP in 1995. In 1997, I used the Personal Home Page/Form Interpreter tool PHP/FI when I was creating an Israeli university website and an online store site. A large bug was found during use. Because the source code is open, I have investigated and modified the cause of the bug, and found that there is still much room for improvement. As a result, the PHP/FI script execution engine was modified together with Andi Gutmans, who was working together with the project. After the modified execution engine is handed over to Lerdorf, it becomes the official execution engine of the new PHP3.0 version.
By improving the script execution Engine, we developed a Zend Engine with a higher speed. Zend is a combination of Zeev and Andi. PHP with Zend Engine embedded is the current version of PHP4. The original program was read and interpreted for execution. Later, it was interpreted once for each execution cycle. Therefore, the same interpretation was performed 100 times for the execution of 100 cycles. Zend Engine explains the script of the entire file from the beginning and then starts execution. Since the interpretation process is greatly reduced, the execution speed is greatly improved.
PHP4 was downloaded for 0.26 million and 5000 times within two months after the publication. According to US research firm Netcraft, PHP is currently installed on at least 6 million domain name servers.
I think the main reason why PHP is popular is its simplicity and practicality. Someone said in an email to me: "Although I have no programming experience, I used PHP to write simple programs in just three hours ". Java cannot reach this level. In addition, PHP is developed for WWW, so it can easily process cookies and forms.
PHP is free and will continue to be released free of charge in the future. However, considering the commercial cost and support product requirements, Zend was set up in Israel in 1999, and developed high-speed PHP software and integrated development tools for sales.
-- In the new PHP5 version to be released by the end of June 2002, what functions are to be extended?
The object-oriented function will be further improved to make development of large systems easier. Although PHP already has classes and subclasses, PHP5 is closer to Java. Special processing statement structures of Java such as try and catch are introduced.
In PHP4, a function is used as a variable and will not change even if an object is given. PHP can assign values by Standard and objects. Therefore, the function value is not an object, but a copied value. When a function needs to be changed to an object value, it must be added with the "&" symbol before the object as a variable. This prompt is not required in Java, while PHP5 adopts the same pattern as Java.
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