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Many beginners have been for the site how to develop a profit-trapped, often for the site's traffic does not go to worry, even if the flow up
Also for the site's advertising revenue and worry, in fact, based on my experience of more than a year to build stations and my friends site experience (no lack of months to earn a few W
Station, but their station is basically not maintained one day. Generally profitable sites are divided into the following categories (of course not including like Sina.)
163,yahoo, the starting point of such a station, that is not for beginners, is essentially empty theory, simply not suitable for beginners.
In addition to the first, the following methods are basically 20 minutes of maintenance time per day. I personally 5 stations, all maintenance time add up, half an hour a day, the monthly income is basically thousands of.
Most beginners buy space at the time, all think space to a few g, actually, the Novice station, in fact, 1G below is enough
。 A lot of webmaster space usage is not more than 1G, of course, is not absolute, a few G space has several G space to do station method, the following will be mentioned
Back to business, profit site classification
1. It is those who have the characteristic station, (basically is nonsense), want to do this, ask your station to be able to relate to other people unexpected aspect, or
A comparative specialization in a single field. But the latter need more time, the novice may not have much time, so, we must make the site to do his
People can not imagine, now a lot of webmasters are piled up to the film, music there, in fact, we could change the angle to think that these
Although the thing is hot, but the quantity is many, comes you to stand the probability to be low, is inferior to do those more novel content station, my friend's one closes
In the wedding of the station on the day IP can hit the 1W IP, and he updated every day for 15 minutes, in an example, take the old-fashioned URL
Station, the original hao123 famous world, the result of a lot of people follow suit, the results of a few successful, why?? Almost and Hao123 didn't
Difference, there's hao123 why go to your station. But some people's web site can be very good? Why? He made a free movie URL.
Here, the website also has the search engine for the download address of the movie. The site provides a lot of information about the movie, and it's made into an alliance.
Type, you can join the webmaster, the movie Information search box added to their own station. This realizes the double surplus, walks the difference management. Open Girl
Sex website, do not Yiguoduan. Anything to point to, to focus on, for example, clothing, and so on. (What better content is not
said, I want to stay in use, said everyone and I Rob)
2. Is the film, music site, but these focus on the promotion. (Most of these stations are easily blocked by search engines, so close
The key word does not need to deliberately optimize, the movie name when the title is good, therefore own promotion this station is very important, the main method, formerly had a prawn
Written very clearly, forums, blogs, and so on) movie site to provide people with the film first is fluent, should not be sharpness, low rate of the bit
Good, success is an example, his animation channel although the code rate is not high, but very smooth. And he didn't add it on the playback page.
Helix anti-theft, you can directly open, so many forum owners are willing to write a fire shadow, the sea thief to watch the address of the time are love to connect to his station, so
The webmaster to help him promote the site, make full use of web2.0 interpersonal characteristics.
3. Picture Station, the earth people know things, small space with the acquisition (photo theft), the large space directly to the local, it is not good to use small
Steal (my friend stood with a thief to get 3000IP, Khan died, this kind of dog excrement not everyone has, Yahoo beauty photo keyword incredibly rank
First, it is suggested that the new people do not have the money when it is better to consider this kind of station, worry and labor, with this earned money to open other stations, but they have
Empty also want mass mail (quite by people despise, but the effect of money is obvious, of course, your letter is also better), or to QQ, related
Forum propaganda. If the space big friend, the picture proposed all adds the watermark, and the website development early, the system resources sufficient situation does not
Plus 1 burglar (like Microsoft's indulgent office piracy crackdown on word) let everyone reprint your picture, and your picture adds
Watermark, it is easy to attract everyone to your stand up. Later people come more, do not think, directly add anti-theft bar. But the recent crackdown, we
Be careful, don't be a bird, don't hang yourself for a penny. The police station's tea is not good to drink.
4 forums, you need to worry a lot, but if you maintain good also good. Think of the Student Network forum, you promote the time is not to go to the major institutions sent
Single, as well as consider the leaflet as a bookmark pull and so on, and in the Forum, is the film, pictures, anime forum The most fire, the specific operation on
is content + characteristics + publicity. This has to be a special post before, we refer to his article under
5. Miscellaneous station, do stand what content also do not consider, do stand to see a thing what content cool do what. What station is easy to be
Seal?? Seal?? Afraid of what, a meter just how much, in the seal before the Baidu sealed your station mainly because you stand for a short time to too much
Person, every day also has thousands of IP, thousands of IP, open a week, you what cost and profit all come back, (thousands of IP still can't earn money,
I find a piece of tofu hit to the most concentrated of these sites is the QQ station, QQ code station, there is a special temporary movie download address
。 The World Cup fire these days, Lima put a World Cup online watch program up, add a bunch of keywords. To do this kind of station, we have to report
An attitude. We make a lot of money in the short line, one corn down, thousands of corn stand up. However, the proposal to open such a station webmaster, in the Open
This kind of station earns money, consider take a part of income to come out, earnest open a good station, how to be a person also have a bit pursue.
6. The most earned station at the bottom of the day,---XX station. This station is extremely good to earn, but need courage and boldness. How to operate?? You usually are.
How to find these stations, you how to operate, the specific method is not.
7. Mass data station. Buy 5G 6G. 10G space is not to ask you to open the picture station, not to let you put down in the inside, but
Used to add data. Throw a large number of W data up, every day to update a hundred article, put in that day naturally someone come. Recommended PHP
Program. How do you get the data? A word. Mining. (This kind of site represents the stacks, nets, novels, and so on, big data is the hard truth)
Here are a few suggestions, we do optimization to moderate, optimization is not cheating, what rubbish words are thrown above. This degree should be grasped well, as long as
Your station is sealed several times, everybody has the experience. Many beginners because their station was sealed, and lost the power to do the station, gave up. Its
There is no need for this. Most of the high income stationmaster which does not have several 10 several meters to be sealed.
Usually on the internet to see what good station, will be collected, wait until you want to stand, it is not afraid of no data. See what the new station, Alexa check
, if the rank is high, his station is your next station. Search engine as far as possible to make him natural income, as long as your station is not bad, generally soon collected
, there is no need to deliberately submit. However, a search engine is sure to submit the---ODP, although the probability of being collected is small, but submitted only once more
Less time. If you want to quickly be income, the best way is not to search engine landing, but to find a friend PR high station, let him in the home to
You add a few days link, wait until you have been received, let him remove the link. (I usually log in 2.3 days by all search engines.) When

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