The nuances of the big difference--Explore the small details of 3.0

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AO 3 official version of the release of the rapid access to the user's approval, concise interface, smooth speed are highly praised. In addition to these impressive improvements, the various details of the product excellence is also one of the main reasons for 3 welcome.

interface layout, fine carving

Put the label on the top, toolbars, address bar, search bar on one line, these "popular" layout mode than the traditional browser layout to reduce up to 2-3 lines of space occupancy, to ensure the user's browsing area, especially today widescreen display increasingly popular, this one, two lines of space is particularly valuable.

And the most impressive interface, is the restoration of the state and maximize the state of the contrast: in the maximum state, the border will be canceled-since the user needs to maximize, so proud to maximize the user to ensure that the need to browse the area.

Multiple forms of the same operation

Operation, is the most easily overlooked part of the browser user experience, can be called thin in the thin. And proud tour did not cope with the incident, in order to take care of different users, proud tour often on the same operation design a variety of implementation methods, to create more convenient for users.

Take the "Paste and open" feature as an example, the general browser is either not, or just right in the address bar gives an option. Proud tour has achieved a variety of ways to achieve this, users can choose according to their own operating habits.

1, the right key to the address bar

2, the tab bar right button

3. Right-click the New button

The third method is simpler: Just right-click the New button, or "+" on the tab bar, to open the Web address in the Clipboard.

Traditional features more delicate

In traditional function, AO 3 is not satisfied with the past. In the user's view has been very perfect function, proud tour often in the details of the innovation. For example, "Last did not close the page" and "Pride Swim multiple Search", have a surprising change.

"Last not closed page" In addition to the traditional records, an "earlier" button was added to allow users to trace earlier access records.

and "Multiple search" has made a greater change, in addition to the entire pattern changes, but also to take care of user habits, provided the interface toggle button, users can adjust their preferences according to the layout.

About 3.0 of the details of the tour to introduce these, more excellent place to users themselves to be careful to understand. It is precisely because of these details of the carefully crafted, proud tour will become a variety of users feel "comfortable" browser. I believe that adhering to this product concept of proud tour, will bring us one after another surprise.

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