The Philosophical story of life: "Hound and Rabbit" is a classic story

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The Philosophical story of life: "Hound and Rabbit" is a classic story


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Why are we always less than others? --- Human Resource Management



A hound drove the rabbit out of its nest and kept chasing him.

When the shepherd saw this scene, He sneered at the hound and said, "The difference between the two of you is much faster. "

The Hound replied, "You don't know that the two of us are completely different! I only ran for a meal, but he ran for life! "

........................... Target ................................



This was heard by the hunter. The Hunter thought: the hound is right. Then I want to get more prey and have a good idea.

As a result, the hunter buys several more hunting dogs. Any one who can catch a rabbit in hunting can get a few bones, and no food can be caught. this trick is really useful, and the hunters are trying to catch up with rabbits, because no one wants to watch others have bones to eat. after a while, the problem came up again. big rabbits are hard to catch. but the reward for catching a big rabbit is similar to the bone for catching a rabbit. The hunters are good at observation and find this trick to catch a little rabbit. slowly, everyone found this tip. the hunter said to the Hound: The rabbits you caught are getting smaller recently. Why? The Hound said: there is no big difference anyway. Why are you trying to catch those big ones?

................................ Power .........................



After thinking, the hunter decided not to hook up the number of bone points with whether the rabbit was caught, but to count the total weight of the rabbit that the Hound caught every time. evaluate the Hound by weight and decide the treatment for a period of time.

As a result, the number and weight of rabbits caught by the hunters have increased. The hunters are very happy.

However, after a while, the hunters found that the number of rabbits caught by the hunters was less, and the more experienced the hunters, the more interested the number of rabbits dropped. so the Hunter asked the Hound again.

The Hound said, "we have given you the best time, Master, but we will get old over time. When we cannot catch a rabbit, will you give us bones? "

............................ Long-standing bones ........................



The Hunter made a decision on merit and reward. this article analyzes and summarizes the quantity and weight of all rabbits caught by the hound, and stipulates that if the number of rabbits caught exceeds a certain number, A certain number of bones can be obtained for each meal. the hunters are very happy that everyone is trying to reach the number specified by the hunters. after a while, some hunters finally reached the number specified by the hunters. at this time, one of the hound said: We tried so hard to get only a few bones, and our prey far exceeded these bones. why can't we catch rabbits for ourselves? "So some hunters left the hunters and caught rabbits themselves.

............................. Both bones and meat ...........



The hunters realized that the hunting dogs were being lost, and the lost hunting dogs were like wild dogs and their hunting dogs snatched rabbits.

The situation is getting worse and worse. The hunter has to seduce a wild dog and ask him whether the wild dog is better than the hunting dog.

The wild dog said, "The Hound eats bones and spit out meat !", Then he said, "Not all wild dogs eat meat, and most of the final bones do not lick them! Otherwise, you will not be tempted ." As a result, the Hunter made a reform, so that each hound, apart from the basic bones, could get n % of the total number of rabbits it had been hunting. As the service time grew, the contribution increased, this ratio can also increase progressively and has the right to share M % of total rabbit meat by hunters. In this way, the hunters work together with the hunters to force the wild dogs to go back to the hunting team.



The story is still going on ................


------------------ There is only a permanent benefit, and no friends forever --------------


Day by day is over, winter is over, rabbit is getting fewer and fewer, and the harvest of hunters is not as good as day by day. Old hunting dogs who have been in service for a long time cannot catch rabbits, but are still carefree and enjoying the big food they deserve. Finally, one day the hunters can no longer stand it, because the hunters even need powerful hunting dogs .....


--------------------- Birth of microbone Co .--------------


The old hunting dogs who had been swept out of the house had a great deal of compensation, so they set up microbone. They recruited wild dogs by means of franchise chains and taught them rabbit hunting skills. They extracted part of the rabbits from them as management fees. When almost all the compensation is used for advertising, they finally have enough wild dogs to join. The company began to make profits. A year later, they acquired the hunter's house ...[


------ Development of microbone Co .-----------------------


Microbone promises to win n % of the company's shares for the partner's wild dog. This is really tempting. All the wild dogs who think they are not talented find a sound: they finally become the masters of the company, so they don't have to endure the unpleasant calls of hunters, there is no need to get enough rabbits to get tired and tired, or to beg the hunters to give them two more bones to make them miserable. This is more useful for these wild dogs than eating two more bones. As a result, the wild dogs dragged their homes to join the microbone, and some young hunters under the hunter's door began to be confused, and even many hunters who thought they were smart, actually stupid, and wanted to join the game. Many companies of the same type have sprung up. boneease,, chinabone... at a time, the forest is busy. (To be continued ...)


------------------- The birth of F4 ----------------------------


With the money from the sales company, the hunter took the path of the old hunting dog. When he finally had to negotiate with the microbone Company, the old hunting dog unexpectedly Agreed to the hunter and sold the microbone company to the hunter. Since then, old hunting dogs no longer operate companies. Instead, they began to write "the life of old hunting dogs" and wrote "how to become a good hunting dog". how to turn a common hound into a management hunting dog? Tips for success: Success: 500 success: poor hunting, rich hunting in addition, the old hunting dog story was moved to the screen and named "hunting dog Garden". The four old hunting dogs became a well-known star, F4. copyright fee collection, no risk, and higher profits.

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