The precursor of a computer hard drive failure

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If the hard drive fails, it is best to find it early and take the right steps in time. If you wait until you're terminally ill, the hard disk's valuable data is hard to escape. In general, there are several types of performance before a hard drive fails:

1. A s.m.a.r.t failure prompt appears. This is the hard disk manufacturer itself built-in in the hard drive of the automatic detection function at work, there is this hint that your hard disk has a potential physical failure, will soon appear irregular operation of the situation feeds.

2. Crashes during Windows initialization. This situation is more complex, first of all, you should exclude other parts of the possibility of problems, such as poor memory quality, fan shutdown caused the system overheating, or virus damage, and finally, if it is determined that the hard drive failure, and then deal with.

3. Access to the Windows system, but run the program error, while running a disk scan can not pass, often in the scan slow stagnation or even panic. This may be a hard drive problem, or it may be a soft fault for Windows over the years, and if you eliminate the possibility of setting up a problem with the software, you can be sure that the hard drive has a physical failure.

4. Access to Windows, run ScanDisk directly to find errors or even bad way, this does not need me to say, Windows Inspection program will report the situation in detail.

5. In the BIOS, a sudden inability to recognize the hard drive, or even recognized, can not use the operating system to find the hard drive, this is the most serious failure.

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