The present situation and future of Serverless/faas

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FaaS is an emerging technology platform, and individuals think the 2018 is about to usher in the rise of FaaS. This article discusses and analyzes its present situation and future from the following angle, provides a report to everybody, also as own annual technical summary. What is FaaS. And what are the similarities and differences between PaaS. It solves the problem of what the PaaS does not solve. Comparison of current public cloud FaaS schemes compare the current open source FaaS platform Scenarios FaaS and microservices are what the relationship. FaaS's future is possible. In big data, Edge computing, the internet of things will play a role.

The article will eventually be published, and if you want to read it in advance or communicate with a technical person interested in FaaS, you can book this Chat.

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