The problem of nesting H5 pages in iOS has been blank

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Problem description

The following business scenarios, in iOS applications, embed the H5 page, call him a page, click a page to jump to b page, b page has a button, call him button S, button s will trigger an AJAX event, to request an application interface, return an HTML, the return of HTML is defined as h variable name bar, Ajax invocation ("Body"). html (h); H is the content of a form, which is set ("Body"). html (h); H is the content of a form, after setting ("Body"). HTML (h), The Submit method of the form in H is invoked, assuming that the ID of the form in H is Fid,js execution $ ("#fid"). Submit (), and then jump to the action address specified by form, OK, so now, on iOS devices, I clicked, The return button for the native app, not the Back button for the page (there are two back buttons on the screen), then there will be a blank page in iOS, not in the Android device. 

Problem Lookup

Later looking for iOS development, all kinds of look, can not find the reason, is brutal, a development sister later looked at the code, explained: In the call ("Body"). HTML (h), will empty the entire page, the page will have a blank period, wait until the Ajax return data, then set into the HTML , the HTML already jumps to the new page requested in form and clicks on the Back button of the iOS native view to see

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