The problem of rewriting the parent class in the secondary development of Maximo

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Recently, we are engaged in material standard module customization development. Today we write an excuse for inheriting the parent class mrlineset and implementing mrlinesetremote at the same time, as shown below:

/*** @ Author psun Email: * @ date 2011-7-11 11:36:24 */public class cumprlineset extends mrlineset implements mrlinesetremote {/*** @ fields serialversionuid */Private Static final long serialversionuid = 1l; Public cumprlineset (mboserverinterface MS) throws mxexception, RemoteException {super (MS );}}

However, eclipse does not prompt me to rewrite the getmboinstance () method.

Later I thought about the principle as follows: cumprlineset inherits mrlineset, while mrlineset inherits mboset. Mboset is an abstract class, And mrlineset has implemented the abstract delivery of mboset. Therefore, eclipse in the cumprlineset class does not prompt us to implement it.

However, we still need to manually add the implementation of getmboinstance to overwrite the mrlineset method. Haha

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