The processing method of Win7 system boot entry cannot be loaded

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Startup items are every computer has something, is more and less problems, a lot of people like to load a lot of startup items, in fact, there is no bad. Now the computer in order to be better protected, often in the boot time to load a number of startup items, such as: Antivirus software, security guards and so on. It can sometimes be found that, in the Win7 operating system, the boot entry cannot be loaded after installation. In the registry, in Msconfig, the Startup folder contains startup items (such as 360, virtual optical drive, etc.), but is not loaded after startup, I do not know what to do. Let's give an example to better solve the problem.

Example 1: Install the patch, reinstall it, or not load it.

In the Msconfig found the following phenomenon: Normal startup Point After the election is not valid, somehow?

Example 2:win7 boot entry not started.

The title, just installed dual system, the process is more tangled

Installed in the J disk, with a number of methods to see boot start items have 360 and Kaspersky, but after the boot will not automatically start to manual, and the system with the gadget clock and the date is also starting to boot. Some netizens said: "Poisoned, the virus has taken care of your anti-virus software." Add: If said to have been poisoned, how can antivirus software possibly also give you to find out the virus? If you can boot to safe mode, try to turn off all startup items and then repair the system with a Windows Installer.

Example 3: Why Win7 cannot change the computer boot up

Content Summary: Win7 's administrator account is closed by default

Problem: This is the case, yesterday in the use of Win7 found a very strange problem, running the system from the Msconfig.exe management system startup program, found that cannot be changed. I would like to cancel 360 boot, but after removing the hook in front of the item, then click the "Application" button, the hook actually appeared again. How to go all do not drop, boot 360 or will start. Later, with Windows7 optimization Master modified, delete the startup item save settings, and then open the Msconfig check, the startup item is still in. How could it be canceled? Want to modify directly under the registry, but after the input to the regedit command, the Registry edit window flashed over, (rising checked, also did not find a virus), in the Windows7 better change the boot startup Item method have?

Answer: Win7 's administrator account is closed by default, the administrator account can be opened: computer-> management-> users to find the administrator attribute, the administrator "account has been disabled" the front of the hook, Then use this account login is the highest authority, and then use the Msconfig or 360safe boot will pop-up window to modify.

Summary: In the installation of Win7, the installation program will let you enter the user name, if the name of the other outside the administrator, install a good system, and then installed 360, rising, Jiangmin and other anti-virus software, that is, boot can not start. Therefore, when the user installs the Win7, does not enter any user name, lets it default does not appear to boot does not load boot up the item. Also remind everyone a little, just installed the system, do not put several programs in one breath, install a good one, restart the confirmation, and then install the next.

Startup items can also be set on their own, on the boot more or less on the start to see your personal will, but if you encounter the above situation should be in accordance with the above method to solve early, so as not to have trouble.

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