The profitable business of small business startups

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Very useful: Small-sized business startups making money

1. Business contributes to the public, so profit is the reasonable reward it should receive.

2. Do not keep staring at customers, and do not get entangled.

3. The quality of a place is more important than the size of a store. The quality of a commodity is more important than that of a place.

4. Goods are arranged in an orderly manner, and business is not necessarily good. On the contrary, there are disorganized stores that often attract customers.

5. view the objects of transactions as their loved ones. Whether customers can be supported determines the rise and fall of the store.

6. pre-sales flatter is not as good as after-sales service. This is the best rule for creating "permanent customers.

7. Take customers' blame as "the word of God and Buddha", and accept it with pleasure.

8. Don't worry about the lack of funds.

9. procurement should be stable and simplified.

10. Customers who only spend one dollar have a fundamental influence on business growth than customers who spend one hundred yuan.

12. More working capital is required. Ten times of capital turnover of one hundred yuan, it became one thousand yuan.

13. When customers come to return and exchange items, they are more friendly than when they were originally sold.

14. In front of the customer, the shop assistant or husband and wife quarreling is a "magic" to drive away the customer ".

15. Selling good goods is a good thing, and promoting good goods is a good thing.

16. have such a strong sense of self-confidence and responsibility: If I do not engage in such sales, society will not be able to perform well.

17. Be kind to wholesalers. If you have legitimate requirements, you must be honest and honest.

18. Even if the gift is just a piece of paper, the customer is happy. If there is no gift, a smile will be given ".

19. Since employees should be hired to work for themselves, a reasonable system should be established in terms of treatment and welfare.

20. continuous innovation. Beautifying store display is also one of the secrets to attract customers.

21. Wasting a piece of paper will also increase the commodity price.

22. goods are sold out of stock, so customers are neglected. At this time, we should solemnly apologize and say, "We will make up the mail to the Government as soon as possible ." The customer's address.

23. Keep the second price strictly. Reducing the price will lead to chaos and unhappiness, compromising credit.

24. Children are blessed. Take special care for customers who carry children or children who are sent for shopping.

25. We often think about the profit and loss of the day. We need to develop the habit of not going to bed without calculating the profit and loss of today.

26. To get the customer's credibility and praise: "As long as the store sells, It is good ."

27. The salesman must carry one or two commodities, advertisements and instructions with him.

28. To work in full spirits and make the store vibrant, customers will naturally gather.

29. Newspaper advertisements should be viewed at least once every day. I don't know what new products a customer has ordered. It's a shame for businessmen.

30. Businessmen do not have the so-called boom or slump. Regardless of the situation, it is not necessary to make money.

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