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Smile Tianya said: Why is Facebook's theme color blue? Why is the theme color of Taobao orange? How to use color correctly when designing a Web page? To know the reasons and methods, and see this article decomposition!

The author is a consultant who has helped a number of companies make the right transition and let their profits rise to see what his secret is.

Color affects human mood and thinking this is true, when the eye sees a color, it transmits the message back to the hypothalamus of the brain, which, through a series of nerves, stimulates the thyroid gland to secrete hormones, causing emotional, emotional, or practical reactions.

Research via online web site quicksprout shows that color can affect 90% of product evaluations; A number of marketing experts Neil Patel points out that 85% of the reasons for the purchase of products from color, and color for the network of various web design of course also has a certain impact.

As with a blind date, the first impression is important, as long as you grasp the 箇 of color use, it is tantamount to grasping the reader's heart.

  What is color psychology?

Before we start talking about the color strategy, first of all to talk about color psychology, literally is to study how color affects the psychology of learning, some people because there is not a lot of literature research endorsement, and the color psychology hold a skeptical stance, and I would like to discuss the color of the impact of people's perception is not every item has been scientifically confirmed, But the effect of color on cognitive behavior is so great that there is still a need for discussion.

In a study of the literature, Satyendra Singh believes that customers will determine the perception of a product within 90 seconds, in which color is the determining factor of 62%-90%, the importance of color psychology is therefore self-evident, the product to be successful, color selection is important, leaders, managers, architects, chefs, Designers and so on should face the effects of color.

  Colors use the right place to penetrate the heart.

Jump to the point, since the color is so important, where to use in order to really play the effect? This article will discuss the use of color design on a variety of web pages, the main focus will be on the main colors of the site, including the main map of the page, title, line, background color, links and pop-up windows are within the scope of the discussion.

For example, the following figure, Ninjajump in the logo, telephone number, classification links, subtitle links, side links are used green, yellow, red three colors, we want to discuss the focus can also be applied to the options field, side field and color strategy and so on.

Color study is really very exquisite, not only to use the place, even the right and wrong to add to the conditions of consideration, to show the power. If you want to sell a trampoline on a webpage, you will never think of using black to see the Ninjajump website.

As a selling jump bed site, we can expect bright and vibrant color, red, green, plus a little bright yellow for both children and parents is a good choice. If today's consumer group is female, this may not work, L ' Oreal site only use simple black and white, plus a hint of purple to add a sense of hierarchy.

about why L ' Oreal use black and white is correct, I stay to explain later, first again use color to note: Use the place, with the time, for the customer group, for the purpose, we first look at the following points.

  Women don't like Gray, Orange and brown; they like blue, purple and green.

Patel uses sex to classify men's and women's different preferences for color, and in a study of color and sex, 35% of women say they like blue best, and purple for 23% and green for 14%. 33% of women said Orange was their least favorite color, then brown 33% and gray 17%.

Other studies have shown that women do not prefer the Earth's color, as long as they look at online shopping sites targeted at women as the main guest group.

Cosmetics brand Milani Cosmetics for the female market, the home page of the site does not have any orange, brown, gray.

Woman's Day is to put all the women's favorite colors (blue, purple, green) on the web design.

Still some people think that girls love pink, please allow me to look at this first, in fact only a few women will choose pink as the favorite color, although pink and women are associated with the soft, but the use of blue, purple, green, but can effectively improve the female shoppers visit rate.

  Men don't like purple, orange or brown; they like blue, green and black.

If the male is the site's main target guest group, it is best not to use purple, orange, brown. Blue, green and black are traditionally more commonly associated with masculinity, and it is a little surprising that Brown is not the only one.

  Blue can enhance the user's trust

Blue is actually the most commonly used color, and many people like it, so Blue is the Warmest Color (hello!).

As long as you look at the literature on blue, Blue is seen as a symbol of trust, peace, order, loyalty, and a calming effect, and even the blue directly represents tranquility.

The role of blue as a means of trust and tranquility is proven in the study of the effects of color on psychology, so looking at Facebook knows that applying blue to the home page conveys the core value: transparency and trust.

If the Facebook example is not obvious enough, let's take a look at Paypal as an online payment platform and also choose Blue to enhance the user's trust. If they are using red or orange, it probably makes people think that the chance of a big auction will be a little higher.

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