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IndoVirtue, an overseas VPS host provider established in 2013, provides two VPS host products: OpenVZ and KVM. Most of us will be attracted by the data centers in Singapore, but if we look at them officially, we will find that there are two prices and configurations in Singapore, one of them is the SL line (currently not directly connected to common lines), which is a total of directly connected optimization lines with good speed. Here we must experience the optimized lines with good speed.

The IndoVirtue optimized line is the same as the OneAsiaHost we may be familiar with. Compared with the price, IndoVirtue is cheaper than OAH. For example, the MB memory solution IndoVirtue requires $7 per month, OAH needs 12 USD per month. Through this article, Lao Jiang started with an optimized line machine to see how it works.

1. Indow.ue Singapore line optimization scheme

  • CPU: 1 Core CPU
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Hard disk: 10 GB SSD
  • Traffic: 400 GB
  • Port: 1 Gbps
  • Architecture: OpenVZ
  • IP address count: 1 independent IP address
  • Price: $7.00/month (purchase)
  • CPU: 2 core CPU
  • Memory: 1024 MB
  • Hard disk: 20 GB SSD
  • Traffic: 700 GB
  • Port: 1 Gbps
  • Architecture: OpenVZ
  • IP address count: 1 independent IP address
  • Price: $14.00/month (purchase)
  • CPU: 1 Core CPU
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Hard disk: 10 GB SSD
  • Traffic: 500 GB
  • Port: 1 Gbps
  • Architecture: KVM
  • IP address count: 1 independent IP address
  • Price: $14.00/month (purchase)
The above three schemes are part of the configuration scheme of the IndoVirtue optimized line OpenVZ and KVM architectures in Singapore. The monthly fee is at least $7, and there are no other promotions currently.

2. IndoVSingapore VPS purchase process with low irtue

This is not the case because I decided to purchase one to check the speed of the Singapore Direct Connect VPS host for a more direct experience. According to feedback from netizens, I have also tested it before, the website can still be set up, but the actual video browsing speed is not fast enough. The disadvantage is that the traffic is not large enough. For example, the monthly traffic of the basic solution is 400 GB per month.
1. Select the IndoVirtue VPS host solution

We can choose to purchase directly from the three solutions described above, or log on to the official website to purchase them. Here we need to know that indow.ue has Premium Singapore ssd vps (direct connection) budget Singapore ssd vps (common) two types of data centers in Singapore, we must select the former is to optimize the direct line, do not make a mistake.

2. Select the IndoVirtue duration and configuration

Here, we need to choose the duration for purchasing IndoVirtue VPS hosts, such as monthly or yearly payment. As well as setting host names and general configuration systems, it should be noted that IndoVirtue adopts the full-month billing system. If it was purchased before the 20th, it will be billed by the end of the month, if you purchase the product on the 20th day, the remaining days of the current month plus the next month will be added.

The next step is to sign up for a new account or log in to an existing account and make a payment. Use solusvm panel management. There is a problem here. After the service is enabled by default, the port is not port 22, but Port 60000, which ensures security. We don't think there is a problem with the machine when we do not connect.

Third, the indow.ue is cheaper than the Singapore VPS host user experience

Now that we have purchased the VPS host, we can experience the speed of this Singapore VPS host so that we can determine whether it is necessary to select and purchase it for the project.

1. Singapore vps ip address
The code is as follows: Copy code

2. Ping speed test

3. IO, memory, and hard disk parameters

4. Random node download speed

5. Video browsing speed

IV. Summary of Singapore VPS with low indow.ue

1. From the PING speed perspective, the IndoVirtue Singapore VPS host speed is still relatively good. Although it is 1 Gbps bandwidth, the actual video browsing speed is not very fast, however, the configuration and speed can be used for websites.

2. The traffic of IndoVirtue VPS hosts in Singapore is not very large. The traffic is GB in the basic Month. Generally, it is enough to access the Internet and make websites. If you need to run large-volume software, you need to pay attention to it. In addition, illegal projects are officially prohibited; otherwise, accounts are blocked.

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