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The essence of Web 2.0 is to make it easier for people to share and reuse information, and technology is just a part of it. Throughout the development of the Internet, it has been proven that lawyers are not effective in helping us to protect and promote the fruits of our creation and collaboration. To make Web 2.0 truly prosperous, the vast community of Web 2.0 must be diligent in controlling and managing and clearly giving rules related to sharing specific content, images, video, audio, and so on. If it is possible for individuals or programs to be easily established by the copyright of such resources, one can focus on creation, innovation and collaboration.

The knowledge sharing organization consists of lawyers, technical experts and managers, a broad community with the aim of "creating public resources with private rights" by allowing creators to define their own degrees of permission between the common "preserve all copyrights" and the public domain (in other words, "do not retain copyright"). Knowledge sharing provides the basic legal framework and the permitted text that you can use to define the degree of permission as a "reserved part of the right" and to let others know it clearly to determine whether it is in compliance with your reservation. When these reusable licenses are created or updated, lawyers ' involvement and community support is often required, primarily to avoid legal interference with such sharing on the Web thereafter. In this article, learn how to make CC licensing statements for your work, how to use public services to find the works you can use, and how to determine the work.

Choose a license

If you decide to use CC licenses for your work, you must first fully understand CC. The CC has done a lot of work to educate the public about this. There are many promotional materials, there are videos, there are vivid cartoons. Figure 1 shows a surface in the promotional comics. By the way, I know that it is permissible to quote comics in this article because the promotional cartoons themselves use CC licenses, and almost just provide attribution (see Resources for links to original comics). The organization also provides detailed and informative information, including the content covered by the copyright, the true meaning of the CC license and possible changes to these meanings due to the different laws of the region (i.e. you and your user location).

Figure 1. A picture of Creative Commons ' How it Works ' Comics

Once you decide on the limits you want to use for your work, it's easy to determine the nearest CC license. To access the CC home page, first, select a region from the list in the upper-right section (in this case, the United States). You will then see an overview page that lists the various licenses that are available for use within that region. You can take a closer look to choose what you want. If you want to create it yourself, you can click the "License your work" icon in the top banner, which will eject the Licensing wizard. Figure 2 shows the license I chose to use for this article.

Figure 2. Knowledge Sharing License Wizard

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