The realization method of loading pouring animation in PPT

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This cast animation is divided into two parts: one is the text "Loda" from scratch, the second is the ink in the cup from there to none. The details are detailed below.

One, text load animation

It will be found that the water is not rising horizontally and is not rising at a constant rate. Of course can be made into a uniform level of rise, but not the level of the uniform is not more literary point it ...

Material preparation, as shown below

(1) Red borderless Loading, (2) white box without fill loading, (3) black (consistent with background color) curved rectangular mask. The stacking order of the three is 1th at the bottom, 3rd in the middle, and 2nd on the top floor.

Production steps:

(i) the 1th number 2nd overlap placed (select both, using the alignment of the "center" and "Center"), 3rd of the curved edge is just covering the text (the rectangle has a certain inclination), the following figure (for easy viewing, the black set the transparency)

(b) Add animation to the curved edge rectangle

1-Path, 2-path, 3-Path, 4-Gyro spin

For 3 path animations, note (1) Smooth start smoothing ends are set to 0, (2) The 2nd path is shorter, but the time is longer, which causes the speed increase, (3) Time setting, the use of "delay" settings to make three paths run one at a time, because the following spin animation to across three paths So you can't use "after the last animation"

For spin animation, set a smaller angle (the case selected 6 degrees counterclockwise, because the rectangle began to rotate clockwise 3 degrees), and check "Auto Flip" to set the number of repetitions. The following figure:

Second, the cup of the dumping

One of the difficulties here is how to ensure that the ink in the cup is reduced while maintaining the level of the liquid surface. The implementation method is as follows

Ink is a "freeform" drawn by a quadrilateral, the angle and the cup at the bottom of the same (larger is OK, but the requirements of the top level, while drawing hold down the SHIFT key).

The three weeks of the cup are covered by three black quadrilateral (the color is consistent with the background and the cup is combined with the quadrilateral).

Place the ink under the cup layer (as shown on the right). So when the cup is rotated, the ink is reduced and the level of the liquid surface is achieved due to the three-week cover of the Cup.

Animated words, is to add "spin" animation to the Cup, the case is 30 degrees counterclockwise.

However, in PPT, the rotation center of the spin animation is the geometric center of the object, and the rotation center cannot be set arbitrarily, and this case should be the point below the cup mouth. So how do you realize any rotation center? Hey, then draw a rectangle and the original image combination, so that the center of the combination of graphics and rotation center coincide, and then set the rectangle's border and fill are colorless on it.

Finally, there is a line animation, when the Cup begins to fall, the line "Wipe Out" appears (0.1 seconds or so), after the ink is finished, line "disappeared."

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