The realization technique of the character 180° turn movement in Flash

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  Preface: In the second flash competition of the flag, I submitted a work, because at that time many things, so did not finish, only to do half, one of the male hero has a 180° turn action, that Flash, I remember Hong Kong's flash friend "Lee stupid" The first asked me how to draw, I told him a reconnaissance and painting, and then a lot of friends asked me this question, recently finally have a little spare time, so wrote this tutorial, I hope to love Flash animation friends help! Like the following animation effect:

First, open Flash MX Create a new file, execute view (view)-grid (grid)-show grid (display grid) command, in the drawing window with line Tool (wire tool) to draw two lines of equal length, the middle interval of 12 grid lines. (Note: In view (view)-grid (grid)-edit grid (edit network) a grid is long and wide is 18px,mx default size). As shown in Figure 01

Two, create a new layer (Layer 2), insert 12 blank reconnaissance, with the lock on the layer command, to layer 1 lock. (Figure 02)

Third, first in Layer 2 of the first reconnaissance in the Pencil Tool (pencil tool) to draw a figure on the back of the outline sketch, height and step one of the two linear interval (12 mesh) is basically equal (Figure 03)

Four, in the layer 2 of the fifth to draw a character back around 90 degrees of characters sideways outline sketch, height than the first detective figure slightly higher, 12 grid height fill (Figure 04)

Five, in the 12th of the Layer 2 to draw a figure from the fifth to the silhouette sketch and turn around 90 degrees of Figure outline sketch, the height is slightly higher than the figure of the fifth reconnaissance, exceeding the height of the 12 grids by half the grid, and now 2 of 12 blank detectors already have the section The five and 12th reconnaissance were drawn to the contours of our characters (Figure 05)

Six, in the third section of Layer 2, draw a person who is in the middle of the first and fifth, and turns around 45 degrees from the back to the Transition contour sketch (Figure 06)

Seven, as the sixth step method, in Layer 2 of the second and fourth reconnaissance, respectively, draw the figure of the Transition contour sketch (Figure 07)

Eight, now look at Layer 2, we have the first detection to the fifth investigation of the characters back to the figure of the Silhouette sketch finished, with the mouse to hold the move to see how? You got a feeling, huh? such as the bubble system, in turn, the sixth detection to the 11th investigation of the blank reconnaissance to fill the outline of the figure, attention, first to take the middle of the investigation and painting, first draw the eighth reconnaissance, tenth investigation, and then draw six or seven reconnaissance and the 91 or 11 reconnaissance, to have patience! (such as the 01.fla file in the attachment) nine, OK, now layer 22 of the characters 180° turned outline sketch has been finished, the following is the sketch part of the painting, personal habits, mainly with line Tool (wire tools), pull straight line ... Or that sentence, be patient! (Figure 08) the detailed sketch of 12 reconnaissance is pulled out with line Tool (Wire tool)! (for example, 02.FLA files in the attachment)

Ten, the following is the deletion of the use of miscellaneous lines, with Arrow Tool (arrow tool) Adjustment steps, the old saying, three points painting, seven points to change ... (Fig. 09) aim to show the silhouette of the character with the most streamlined lines and prepare for the next character coloring. And so on, to simplify the 12 characters.

The outline of the characters is to be expressed by the fill color, so the padding around to use line line to surround, personal habits, with Arrow Tool (arrow tool) to select the line to repeat, if you want to select more than one line, you can select at the same time press the keyboard SHIFT key, select multiple lines, select the end, right mouse button, then press the keyboard n (or right mouse button, select paste in place{paste to the new position}), and then use the keyboard on the top, bottom, left, right pointer keys to adjust position (Figure 10)

12. Color ... Remind Flash friends is, sometimes, there is no connection in the line, there will be no color, the need for patience to find the point of disconnection, and then put it with the line tool connected, you can normally fill. After filling up, use tools (tool bar) inside the Eraser Tool (Eraser tool), click on it, and then in the options (option), click Gap Size (Gap sizes) icon, select Erase Lines (delete lines only) command, and then select the square type, Show the drawing window 25%, and then ... Wipe, rub, rub, so, a clean character is finished! (Figure 11)

13, the next 11 other characters and so on coloring ... Complete! (annex 03.FLA is the completed character) Another note, the person's eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth is added after. Please click here to download the 01, 02 and 03.fla files in this article.

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