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Now more and more people use the computer, the network crash A more people care about the topic, especially watching TV card a card, people want to hit the computer, here to share the slow speed of the solution.

The main reasons for the slow speed of computer network are: One is broadband, the other is computer problems, summed up as follows:

1, the operation of the computer to occupy the network bandwidth to slow the speed, such as: online listening to songs (Cool dog), video movies (QVOD), download (using thunder, BT) and so on. Close the exit program to return to normal.

2, the Internet peak time, the server response too much, can not normal fast connection. such as the evening speed relative to the morning to slow. It is recommended to stagger the Internet at peak hours.

3, upgrade broadband, such as 1M up to 2M,ADSL upgrade to optical fiber access.

4, the machine infected with the virus Trojan, occupy the network bandwidth. Suggest killing virus Trojan horse.

5, the Computer configuration is too low, affects the system performance, will affect the speed naturally.

6, Lan Peer-to-peer download, watch video, play online games caused by the network slowed. This situation can be deployed professional Internet control software, network monitoring software-aggregated management software to control the LAN Peer-to-peer download, control lan Thunder download, prohibit network TV, limited network video, prohibit network games. At the same time, aggregated network management system can also real-time control of computer speed, real-time monitoring of Internet traffic, control of computer bandwidth consumption, to prevent the excessive consumption of individual computers network bandwidth and affect the entire LAN computer Internet experience.

The most important way to solve the slow speed is to improve the network broadband and computer configuration, but the current computer configuration of the general online Entertainment has been fully satisfied with the current configuration, this will require sufficient broadband resources, while broadband small as far as possible not to share with many people.

In addition, there are many factors can cause slow speed, according to my experience, the following from several aspects of the slow speed of the reasons, and give the corresponding solution.

The behavior of network providers is questionable

There is no doubt that when we encounter the slow speed, the first thing we think of is the network provider. Do not take for granted that you are in the installation of broadband, the network provider said 2 trillion is 2 trillion, many people reflect that the installation is 4 trillion of broadband, but only 3 trillion speed. Now test the speed network to see it, your speed is really slow?

So, if you think your speed has been slow for quite some time, the best way to do that is to call your network provider and explain what happened to you, so if it's a network provider, they'll soon get you back to normal speed.

Pay attention to whether your Internet behavior is reasonable

Do not think that you install the broadband is 4 trillion think you can go to the site without bogey browsing the web, every time you open a browser window, will occupy a certain amount of traffic, if you open the local dozens of browser window, not only for the normal operation of the computer has an impact on the network speed will also lead to a great impact. Especially when you are driving a few video windows, you will feel the browser window is stagnant, let alone what speed.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to their own Internet behavior is reasonable, if you open more than 10 browser windows then recommend the temporary use of the window to turn off it. In addition, if you open an online video window, then do not open a second online video window, otherwise it will cause a false panic phenomenon. The speed will be greatly affected.

Eliminate the use of Peer-to-peer downloads

This is the most likely cause of slow speed, once opened a peer-to-peer download (Thunder download, donkey download, etc.), then this time the internet will be a nightmare, the speed will become very bad, you may even a Web page is very difficult to open.

Therefore, any public place is prohibited to use Peer-to-peer download, if you are your own home use, then please note, do not surf the internet while using Peer-to-peer download things, you can in other free time, run your Peer-to-peer software.

Is anyone using the LAN speed limit software

If you share the Internet in the local area network, then if one day you find that the network suddenly dropped a lot, then most likely someone used the LAN speed-limiting software, the current more popular LAN speed-limiting software is a peer-to-peer terminator.

Whether the computer has a virus

I often encounter such a situation, one day I clicked on a Web page, and then popped a number of windows, so I turned off all the browser, and then reopened the browser to the Internet, but this time found that the network has become very slow, even a Web page is difficult to open. It is obvious that the computer was in the virus just now.

This situation is still very common, especially for computer security awareness is not very enough netizens. Encountered this situation, had to antivirus. Antivirus is a very unpleasant thing, because this time you have not used the computer, if your hard disk, then it is possible that the anti-virus process needs a long day! More importantly, the last can not be poisoned. No way, reinstall the system.

Computer optimization can not be ignored

In fact, the computer is running every day, in consumption, over time, the performance of the computer will gradually decline, which will have a certain impact on your Internet. Don't you feel it? The new machine is stronger than the old machine, and the internet feels much better.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to do some optimization work on the computer. You can choose a professional computer system optimization tool, if you are more proficient in computer, you can also manually optimize your computer. In addition, you can also choose some network acceleration software to improve the speed.

Slow speed of the reasons and solutions, in fact, far more than these, I am here in fact, just according to their own experience, do a summary just, hoping to help users.

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