The reason why the computer is slow to surf

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The reason why the computer is slow to surf

There are many reasons for the slow speed of computer surfing, the following list some of the reasons that affect the speed of computer surfing, if your computer is slow to surf the internet can be based on the following conditions to solve, generally can find the reason for the slow speed of computer surfing, the general analysis of the computer's fault is the first soft after the principle of hard.

 Cause one, the computer virus, causes the virus to occupy the massive broadband

The most common cause of this situation is the speed of the Internet before, due to the entry of some bad Web site or download some software with viruses, so that the computer virus, seriously affecting the speed of the Internet.

The other is that if you have a wireless network in your household, you are likely to be rubbed on the net. Solution: Download antivirus software first look at the computer has no virus, if it is difficult to remove, you can consider reloading the computer system or System Restore, if it is an unlimited network of users to see their unlimited netizens do not add passwords.

 Reason two, own broadband bandwidth is too small

Generally use telecommunications network speed is higher than other network business, but there is a very important problem, the bandwidth of the network, the general family broadband use 2M, 2M of moderate, speed should not be slow, unless the computer configuration is poor, if you pull the net broadband less than 2M or more people share a broadband line, and bandwidth is small, Or someone in the Peer-to-peer software to download things, then the speed of the Internet will certainly be very slow. , especially a few people with a network cable, someone with a peer-to-peer download will seriously affect the speed of others, even QQ may fall off the line.

 Reason three, computer configuration is too low

The general old computer because of the low computer hardware configuration, resulting in slow operation of the program, the speed is no use, because the computer itself slow response, pull the hind legs.

 Reason four, the network exists the loop to cause the net speed to become slow

This phenomenon rarely occurs when the number of nodes involved in the network is not many and the structure is not very complex. However, in some more complex networks, there are often redundant lines, such as inadvertently connected to form a circuit. For example, cable from the network Center to a computer room, and then from the computer room to the second room computer. At the same time from the network Center and a standby line directly connected to the computer room two, if the several lines connected at the same time, the formation of the circuit, the packet will continue to send and verify data, thus affecting the overall speed. This is a difficult situation to find. In order to avoid this situation, we must be in the laying of the network of good habits: network cable marked on the label, there is a standby line of the place to do a record. When such a failure occurs, it is generally used in a step-by-step approach to partition segmentation.

  Reason five: Problems caused by the network itself

For example, computer broadband equipment by hackers, so that DNS problems, resulting in the entire network slowed down, there is the peak of the Internet, because the number of people on the Internet, the entire network will certainly be relatively slow,

Have you noticed that the speed of the Internet at midnight is significantly higher than 8 o'clock in the evening? It is normal for the internet to be slow at the peak, if your bandwidth is large enough, it may have a small impact.

How to slow down the internet? How about the slow speed of the Internet? Of course, there are a lot of reasons why the computer is slow to surf, such as improper browser settings, bad network interface and so on.

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