The reason why the mobile phone data cable is connected to the computer and how to solve it

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First, the mobile phone data cable connected to the computer, mobile phone prompts "host no response" How to do?

This is because you are using a computer connected to the USB interface wiring or chassis front USB interface, try to test the rear of the chassis USB interface.

Second, the mobile phone connected to the computer, the choice of "data storage" mobile phone will prompt "another program is in use."

This is because your phone uses the memory card of the theme or ringtone, the solution is, of course, put the theme into the phone store. Do not use the mobile phone C disk theme.

Third, the use of mobile phone resource Manager (MMMB) can not read mobile phone a disk.

First of all, the smallest white mistake is that you don't have a PC kit installed, because MMMB requires a driver in the PC to connect to the phone, the second is because you don't have the option to connect to the data line in the MMMB, and then you don't have the registry installed; The last one might be a mobile phone C instead of a. If this is the case, you can reconnect the cell phone, use the USB interface behind the mainframe box, and then open the MMMB.

Four, the mobile phone can not connect PC suite problem.

Many internet cafes can not connect to the PC suite, first of all because of the reason for driving the firewall, turn it off, again because you use the computer mainframe chassis front or USB cable, so you need to use the USB interface behind the chassis to try.

Five, about cannot install JAF or Phoenix and so on brush machine software.

First, it may be that the computer does not support these software are operating conditions, and some computer platforms can not install them; Secondly, it is to put those anti-virus software, monitoring, firewalls and other all shut down or uninstall, such as 360 of the monitoring function in your download JAF automatically recognized as a Trojan horse program and automatically deleted!

Hope there is a shortage of places to point out.

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