The relationship between personal website traffic and money and how can a personal website be converted into a commercial website?

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Relationship between personal website traffic and money Author: UnknownArticleSource: techweb
The relationship between personal website traffic and money can be used to calculate the money earned every month. The following data is for reference only. The data listed here is general statistics. The site does not include illegal sites, such as ** sites, commercial sites that do not sell products are purely personal sites of all types.

Website traffic is shipped every month


(1 million IP addresses per day. websites that are like sites and have a little content can easily do this within 20 days. tom consortium can have 400 points = 2, 3721 ad consortium can have 100 points = 4, and 3721 assistant consortium = 2 .)


(3000ip every day, it is also very simple to do. at this time, some people will be eager to pick up advertisements. My opinion is not to answer them. 50 banner for one month and 20 text for one month. don't make any money. 3721 IP, Consortium and can have more than 10 blocks a day .)

8000ip 2500 yuan

(8000ip every day, it is difficult to do? Okay. from the 8000ip address, the website can be a beginner, and the money is greatly upgraded. the Taobao network costs 1500 yuan a month. The Tom alliance can remove it or put it in inconspicuous places. More than 3721 other public welfare alliances can reach 2200, receiving a small amount of advertising space, RMB 2500 per month is stable .)

Starting from 10 thousand IP addresses, every 2000 IP addresses are added, the website level can be increased, and the monthly earnings can be increased by Yuan.

Starting from 0.1 million IP addresses, each monthly income can be fixed at 5.

With the increase of traffic, similar sites and the same-traffic sites can be eliminated. The funds of various alliances will also increase with the increase of traffic.

When the traffic is high, the Alliance's ads can be removed, if you think that location you can make more money.

Advertisement and cooperation with the company, or acquisition from the company.

There is a big difference between advertising. Some websites have 1500 yuan a month, and some have 2500 yuan a month. Some have 4000 yuan a month, and some have 6000 yuan a month. After several positions, they can have a difference of 1-2 million.

If you are looking for a company to cooperate with or buy a company, you must comply with some commercial site principles, such as site content and web pages.

For example, we all know that there are 0.2 million IP addresses every day, but no company will buy them.

How can we achieve so many visits?

1. for speed and traffic and future considerations, the site content must use static html. will be generated by the search engine. most of the traffic from the search. static HTML access is not prone to errors, greatly improving the speed.

2. Unified page rules, which generally look like pages.

It doesn't need to be too beautiful. The public accepts it and looks comfortable. It will get more regular customers and increase the fixed traffic of the site.

3. Search Optimization

Optimization adds more traffic to the search and ranks first. If not, you can increase the visitor's click rate on the result.

4. Establish a friendly connection with the big site

Allows search engines to update sites more quickly, and collect more pages and update pages in the search database.

5. website updates

If your website is not updated, you will not make any money.

6. publicity and promotion

Find a friend to connect and advertise. Find a website to advertise (for money ).

Posting and sending emails to forums is not as effective as before, so you have time to do other things.

If your site traffic is at six digits, there will be, 9

7. When traffic is high, it is not necessary to make more money to develop more.

How can a personal website be converted into a commercial website? Author: weifei newspaper article Source: Internet knowledge recommendation saw the starting point was compiled, hao123 also went home to play a few dollars, QQ hanging up, pornographic text messages, various private servers are on fire, making money. As a result, there will be more studios, Soho, and entrepreneurs. Strange websites are emerging one after another. I thought I could spend a lot of money on my website .... A friend gave me such an article just now, so I posted it for you to see .... it may be helpful for personal websites or so-called personal business websites .. (The full text is as follows, which is unknown to the author)

If a website has no value, it cannot be commercialized. The value of a website is embodied in the following three aspects:

① Scale (Quantity): the website must already have a certain scale, including a certain amount of content (number of pages), a certain number of users, or a certain number of people;

② Originality (quality): "No one has me, people have me new, people are new, and others are refined"-different from others, this is the key to a sudden rise of a website;

③ Profit (with a visible profit model): survival is the primary purpose of the website. Profit is the prerequisite for the survival of the website. The third point is particularly important. In the past, websites are only one-sided in the pursuit of access traffic, ignoring the most fundamental "survival" problem of the website, resulting in too many bubbles. How to turn your attention into value is the biggest challenge faced by existing commercial websites. When personal websites are commercialized, they will inevitably face this severe challenge.

To transform a personal website to a commercial website, we must first clarify the differences between a personal website and a commercial website and make full preparations:

① Content: In this copy & Paste Internet, personal websites do not need to consider too much copyright issues, while commercial websites must stay focused everywhere;

② Technology: commercial websites require more technical support, system maintenance,ProgramWrite;

③ Team: commercial websites require a more complete combination of personnel: leadership, management, finance, technology, design, editing, and market, rather than individual heroism like personal websites;

④ Management: efficient and standardized is a necessary management mode for commercial websites. The loose management mode of small workshops can only lead to failures;

⑤ Shares: this is often a dead hole in the transformation from a personal website to a commercial website. What is often disappointing is the distribution of shares. personal websites are more driven by ideals and satisfaction, therefore, there will be no conflicts of interest;

⑥ Capital: most of the above content, such as copyright issues, hiring of higher-level technical personnel and production personnel, and marketing, must be backed up by sufficient funds.

It is no longer the kind of boring like a personal website; then, we need to begin to develop a business plan:

① Market Survey: understand the market conditions of the entire industry, such as user distribution and market development trends. You can conduct surveys on your own, and turn to market research companies if necessary;

② Competitor Survey: Determine your potential competitors and analyze the competition direction of the industry to form the possibility of strategic partners and who are potential allies;

③ Financial Analysis: quantize the website's revenue targets and strategies, and carefully and precisely consider the funds required to realize the website, including evaluation of the value of the website;

④ Prepare a plan: formulate a detailed business plan based on the actual situation;

In short, you have already jumped into the vast ocean of commercial websites. At this moment, you can only send you eight words: do not go back and go forward.

1. May my website not adopt a loose management mode? For example, is strict normalization management possible? If we believe that loose and nonstandard management can create more value than rigorous and standardized management, are there any necessary rules and regulations in society? Since you have determined to transform your personal website to a commercial website, strict and formal management is essential. To a large extent, whether a personal website can be transformed into a commercial website depends on whether it can get rid of the small workshop work mode in the personal website period.

2. Will strict regular management lead to the loss of personal websites? What is the soul of a personal website? Disciplined? Messy management? Is the update timed? Or can we ignore copyright issues? Certainly not. In my personal opinion, the personality in my website is the soul of my website. However, websites target the public. If you excessively or even excessively pursue "personality", you will pin your website to a small circle. To achieve regular management, we need to remove the disadvantages of these personal websites and strike a balance between personality and the public so that they can better adapt to the needs of every Internet user, in this way, you will have the opportunity to promote your ideas in front of more people, and your personality will be more publicized.

3. Is it possible to unify the purpose of personal websites and commercial websites? Absolutely, because at least one purpose is unification, that is, serving the people. A website has value as long as it is helpful to the majority of users and has value for the majority of users.

4. When your personal website is full of crisis and ills and your personal website management model cannot adapt to a larger scale, you will choose to maintain it in a gloomy manner until it falls down, or are you trying to find a better way to better suit your development needs? Whether it's a personal website or a commercial website, as long as you build your own website, most people will treat him like their own son, hoping that he can do better, it has been evolving for a long time. However, you must be clear and tell yourself that not all websites are constantly expanding and continuing. Even the best web designers cannot make classic and permanent works like Mona Lisa. Carboy's full online manual, Rabbit's Fisherman's Wharf, and echo information from the left-side prodigal son have become a memorable classic. huajun's Software Park and golden bookstore, he has been recruited for collecting and editing; with the fission of hot boys and flying birds, Gao chunhui came into the conclusion that "the Internet is goodbye to personal websites. In fact, we may try to think about it from another angle: giving up at the right time may make a great improvement.

5. If the website is commercialized, what should the original website Members do regardless of their merits and no matter how long they do not participate in the website? As I said just now, this is the most difficult problem in the process of transforming a personal website (or, more specifically, a personal website) to a commercial website. My advice is to either receive the ownership of the website from one person at the beginning, or clarify the shares owned by each person in black and white. If this problem cannot be solved from the very beginning, the problem will only get bigger and bigger, and finally the problem will be lost. In the process of determining the ownership of the website, some people must compromise and make concessions. When there is obvious dissatisfaction or even quarrel, you must be careful. If you are one of them, I advise you to quit in time. Because of the conflict, this website will inevitably fail.

6. Is it possible for the company to retain the original loose management of commercial websites? This problem is similar to Issue 1. Of course, website management can be implemented in a loose way, but it will not be more successful than strictly managed websites, or even fail. However, in the management process, you should also pay attention to the characteristics of some IT people. For example, programmers tend to like homework at night, so if they are late during the day, they should not blame much, or try to arrange a special work schedule for it, which may greatly improve its work efficiency.

7. Is it possible to commercialize a personal website? There are only a few successful examples. Just imagine how many personal websites in China can actually be transferred to commercial websites?

In addition, it is still too early to talk about the success and failure of their transformation. Even for a long time, there will be no definite answer. However, as far as I am concerned, I am opposed to commercializing my website. At least, it is easier to transform a website than to create a new website. There are too many problems left over in the past, when it reaches a certain scale, it cannot be changed. 8. How should I commercialize my website?

The simple process is: 1. clarify the concept: clarify the differences between personal websites and commercial websites; 2. market Analysis: determine that the website has sufficient commercial value. 3. plan writing: develop detailed business plans; 4. plan Implementation: at this step, we can only send you eight words-without looking back, brave forward.

9. Is there any other way out for a personal website if it is not commercialized? Why must my website have a way out?

10. Can I avoid the disadvantages of my website? How to avoid it? The disadvantages of personal websites are actually one of the characteristics of personal websites. They can be avoided theoretically, but they are inevitable. After all, personal websites mainly rely on production and maintenance in their spare time. Too many external conditions restrict the development of personal websites: manpower, capital, time, environment, etc, therefore, it is difficult to match commercial websites in terms of scale, but the content form can fill the blank space of commercial websites, which is equivalent to the guerrillas and regular army.

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