The responsibilities of the database administrator include what

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First. GENERAL monitoring

1. Monitor the database warning log. Alert.log, do backup and delete regularly.

2. Linstener.log's monitoring,/network/admin/linstener.ora.

3. Redo Log State Monitoring, paying attention to the view v$log,v$logfile, which stores the information for the Redo log in two views.

4. Monitor the daily session of the database.

5. Debris, the remaining table space monitoring, timely understanding of the expansion of the table space, as well as the remaining space distribution, if there is continuous free space, manually merged.

6. Monitor the rollback segment usage. In the production system, to do larger maintenance and database structure changes, use RBS_BIG01 to do.

7. Monitors the extension segment for tables that do not meet the extension.

8. Monitors temporary tablespace space.

9. Monitor the modification of the object. Lists all the changed objects on a regular basis.

10. Trace file, have initialization parameter file, user background file, system background file

Second, the database backup monitoring and management

Database backup is critical, the backup strategy of the database is changed according to the actual requirements, and the daily backup of the data is monitored. Because we use a tape library, we need to monitor legato backup software, as well as the Rman backup database.

Third, standardize the management of database users

Regular changes to key user passwords such as administrators. For each project, you should create a user. The DBA should communicate with the project manager or the programmer to determine how to build the underlying database model, which is ultimately managed, established and maintained by the DBA. Any changes to the database objects should be performed by the DBA on demand.

Fourth. requirements for writing specifications for SQL statements

An SQL statement that, if not well written, has a significant impact on the database. Therefore, each programmer or the corresponding staff in the writing of the corresponding SQL statements, should be strictly in accordance with the "SQL writing code" article. Finally, a DBA check is needed to run the system properly.

Fifth. Deep requirements of the DBA

Whether a database can be run healthily and efficiently, these day-to-day maintenance is not enough, but also should be committed to a deeper level of database management and research: the optimization of the database itself, the development of performance optimization, the rationalization of the project, security audit work; The research and design of the base-level modeling of database , the processing of various data types, the research of the internal mechanism, the research of ora-600 errors, the troubleshooting, and so on, many problems worth discussing.

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