The resurrection of a young man in Literature -- programming is to write articles in computer languages

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I have been engaged in Computer Teaching for more than 10 years. I feel a lot of pain when many students graduate and do not know what computers are and what they learn, I don't know what programming is like after graduation. I'm afraid that programming is so timid and computer language is like tianshu.


In fact, a computer is an execution.Program.

Feng nuoman, the father of computers, proposed three computer ideas, with the core being "Storage program control ". What is stored procedure control? My understanding is that the computer is first a machine that executes the program. When executing the program, first put the program to be executed in the memory, and then, under the control of the controller, automatically retrieve one and execute one.

I used diodes, transistors, and other basic electronic components to build a model computer that can only perform 8-bit binary data addition/subtraction operations. Although it is small, it is very dirty and I can see it clearly, under the command of the clock, like playing broadcast exercises, 1, 2, 3, 4 ......, 2, 2, 3, 4 ......, The Controller extracts the commands containing the operation code and operands from the memory step by step and executes them ......

Since a computer is a machine that executes programs, it is self-evident to learn what computers should learn.

Yes. To learn computer, you should learn this program.

There are two ways to learn programs. One is to learn how to use programs compiled by others, and the other is to learn how to program, compile programs for other users (what a non-computer or non-electrical teacher said after playing computer for a year ). Obviously, computer professionals should not only learn the former.

What is programming? Programming is written in computer languages.ArticleImagine a person who can't even speak Chinese or even don't know each other. Can he be Chinese? Can a person who can't even write or even know English be a British or American ??In the same way, can someone who doesn't even know a computer language be a computer professional? Can you say you are an IT user ????

There are several layers of programming. One is to directly use the machine language or the computer language's mnemonic. This level of programming should be called low-level programming;One is to use functions. In his book "C program design", Tan haoqiang explicitly proposed the programming idea of "function-based, it should be called intermediate language programming;Functions are already functional blocks. Don't forget that functions, apart from functions, also have a more important meaning: "functions ". Programming at this level is already relatively simple.Another level is advanced language programming, which is class-based programming. What is a class? A class is the encapsulation of functions and variables. In fact, it is a variant of a previously proposed subroutine. It is a program with more powerful functions than a function. Compile programs with more powerful functions at this level. At this time, we will no longer call it programs, but change it to something called projects, systems, or software.

Functions and classes can be used as an example. For example, the previous radio was made with basic components with certain functions. It was very confusing to open it. This is a basic component with certain functions. If it is a function, it is an integrated block with more powerful functions. The current radio is basically made using this integrated block, it's clear and clear.

Currently, high-level language programming is all class-based programming. It is a class that is used directly by people. The function is already powerful as a personal class. At this level, programming is performed, it's already quite a bit silly. I 've been obsessed with thinking that programming is not really a human. It's really speechless ......

Programming is to write an article in computer language. Learning programming is the same as learning to write an article. "reading a book is nothing but writing a book as a God." "If you read three hundred Tang Poems carefully, you will not recite any poems .", These methods are also suitable for learning programming. Read a classicCodeIt is the same as reading a classic article or a classic novel. Every time you see a wonderful piece of ingenuity, it will often make people feel refreshed and take a picture.

Programming is to write articles in the computer language. Reading good articles will make people think about it. This tutorial is to appreciate a lot of classic code at home and abroad, especially for Microsoft to show its ASP. while providing the classic sample program petshop with the net function, you can't help but try it out, trying to use as simple as possible, as simple as possible, and as complete as possible, with as standard as possible, explaining the mysteries of E-commerce programming, whether or not you can be shortlisted for your case, you also need to constantly shoot bricks and refine your work to produce high-quality products ......

Programming is to write articles in computer language. Thirty years ago, many young people in literature love to write beautiful life and dreams in beautiful languages. I sincerely hope that today, thirty years later, countless computer enthusiasts write their own beautiful ideals and life in standard or even classical computer languages ......


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