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Preface to Part I.

In the recent release of the IE9 beta, we found that several of the practical security features in IE8 were preserved and further refined, including InPrivate browsing and InPrivate filtering, and the successful blocking of 1 billion attempts to download malicious software in IE8 SMARTSC Reen filter.

Figure 1: Different versions of IE feature comparisons

In this article, we will show you how to use these security features in IE9 to protect personal privacy and ensure system security.

Part II InPrivate Browse

Most of the time, we have to use a common computer to browse the page, but do not want to let others know that we visit the Web page records and information, at this time, InPrivate browsing can help us solve the problem. InPrivate browsing allows browsers to not keep our browsing history, temporary Internet files, form data, cookies, and user names and passwords.

We can use InPrivate browsing in three ways:

Method One: Click "InPrivate Browse" in the "Security" menu:

Figure 2:inprivate Browse Method one

Method Two: In the lower right corner of the new tab, click the "InPrivate Browse" link:

Figure 3:inprivate Browsing Method Two

Method Three: Use the shortcut key "Ctrl+shift+p"

When InPrivate browsing is enabled, Internet Explorer launches a new browser session that does not retain any information about the visited web site or the search that was performed, and closes the browser window to end the InPrivate browsing session.

It's easy to see the difference between common and InPrivate browsing in the IE9 interface:

Figure 4:inprivate Browsing Interface

Figure 5: The General browsing interface

Part III InPrivate screening

In sites such as maps, search engines, and e-commerce, our personal preference data is often sent to service providers, while some external or third-party websites collect our information to track our behavior across multiple sites. If we do not want external or third-party Web sites to be informed of our personal information, the InPrivate filtering feature can help us achieve this goal.

InPrivate filtering is disabled by default and must be enabled for each session. We can enable InPrivate filtering from the security menu or by using the shortcut key ctrl+shift+f.

Figure 6: Opening the InPrivate filter

When using the InPrivate filtering feature, we can either allow IE9 to automatically block Third-party content that occurs at a high frequency between visited sites, or you can customize blocked or allowed Third-party content in the InPrivate Filter Settings dialog box.

Figure 7: Customizing the InPrivate filter

Part IV SmartScreen Filter

When we use IE9 to browse the Web, IE9 helps us identify and block sites that contain phishing or malware. Not only that, if the legitimate Web site is embedded with malware or phishing software, IE9 can also do some blocking, that is, to block malicious content without affecting the rest of the site.

IE9 also provides malicious advertising protection, when a user visited a non-malicious Web site, but the non-malicious site was implanted in malicious ads, IE9 to prevent users to visit the site, but also will be linked to the horse site and malicious advertising site information displayed.

Figure 8:IE9 Block malicious Web site

If you do not want to use this feature, we can turn off the SmartScreen filter from the Security menu. Also, we can open the SmartScreen filter that is turned off in the Security menu.

Figure 9: Closing the SmartScreen filter

If we are unsure of whether a Web site we are browsing is harmful, we can also choose to submit the site to Microsoft in the "Security" menu, and Microsoft will help us make a judgment.

Figure 10: Submitting an indeterminate web site

Part V Summary

From the above introduced several functions can be seen, IE9 bring users a more complete security Internet experience. InPrivate Browsing helps users navigate the network without leaving traces and protects the privacy of users; InPrivate screening allows users to decide whether or not to upload personal preference data, making privacy protection more humane; SmartScreen filters help users stop malicious content on the web, and prevent users from being threatened by phishing sites and malware.

IE9 not only has the high speed performance and the optimized interface, but also has the formidable security function. IE9, will be able to take you to enjoy the beauty of the network.

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