The role of the browser cache, how to use, how to clear.

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Browser cache is the Web page you look at the picture, music, video files, the existence of the system, the next time you visit if the page has not changed, then directly from the cache call, to speed up the browsing speed.

First, the role:

The browser cache (Browser Caching) is designed to conserve network resources by speeding up browsing, the browser stores the most recently requested document on the user's disk, and when the visitor requests the page again, the browser can display the document from the local disk so that the page can be viewed faster.

Main objective: To conserve broadband resources. It saves the resources of the network and improves the efficiency of the network.

Second, useThere are two main types of cache negotiation: last-modified, ETag cache: Cache-control,expires Cache negotiation means that you need to go to the server to ask whether the page has been modified, has not been modified to return 304 directly using the cached content, Otherwise, a new content negotiation step is returned: The server sends an HTTP response browser with Last-modified:gmttime header with If-modified-since:gmttime http on next request The request header server uses local last-modified time versus if-modified-since to calculate whether the browser data expires and sends the response ETag works like last-modified. The difference is that the value of the ETag is a user-definable cache negotiation that can be applied on dynamic pages and is not particularly strong in real time, such as the home page of the site Third, clearOpen IE, select "Tools--internet Options", Switch to "advanced" tab, find "Empty Internet Temp folder when browser is turned off" and select it, OK. To clear Mozilla Firefox cache, follow these steps: click Tools menu and select Options (option). Click "Privacy" (privacy). Click "Clear" (empty cache) next to "cache" (buffer). Click OK. To clear the cache for Mozilla and Netscape, follow these steps: Sign out of your AdSense account. Close all other open browser windows. Click the Edit menu at the top of the browser, and then select Preferences (Preferences). Click "+" next to "advanced". Click Cache (Cache) under "Advanced". Click Clear Cache (clears the cache). Click OK. To empty Safari's cache, follow these steps: Sign out of your AdSense account. Close all other open browser windows. Open the Safari menu in the browser toolbar. Select Empty Cache. Click Empty in the dialog box. In some cases, you may need to empty your cache more than once. To clear Chrome's cache, follow these steps: Open the Chrome browser, use the Ctrl+shift+delete shortcut, open the Cleanup Browsing data page, choose the Clean Cache option, and click the "Clear browsing data" button. Or, click the Wrench------and advanced options--clear browsing data in the Privacy Settings column and repeat the steps above.

The role of the browser cache, how to use, how to clear.

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