The role of webserver!

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Common webserver:Apache and Nginx (Linux Platform) IIS (window platform)

A lot of small company small projects do not necessarily use webserver at the moment, due to the flow of a single application server can support.

The actual work. What I have learned about the role of webserver:

1. Load Balancing (also provides session support, such as a user IP access to the application of a machine. He will ask for a machine after his request.

2. Proxy forwarding request, more secure, do not directly expose the application ServerIP to each other, because the application server has code and so on

3. webserver is able to unify statistics and processing so the request, for example, has a log of all the URLs visited, as well as statistics.

4. Webserver can also be forwarded to different application server addresses for different URLs.

For example, forwards a application server. forwarding B Application Server

5. The server can be thrown by all 503 of all error pages uniformly jump into its own set of HTML page, or to the unified error exception system.

6. Application server migration, or IP replacement. It just needs to be configured on the webserver. Ease of unified management


1. The network overhead is one more step for each request. Slow.

2. Maintenance is more troublesome.

The role of webserver!

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