The roles and differences of routers, switches and cats

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Large home computers can be heard, switches and routers, routers have been seen and used, the switch does not know what kind of thing, this article mainly explain the difference between the two.

Limited home routers, corporate routers you can not use, use will be used, the first word to summarize the difference between the router and switch, the switch is not automatically dial the router.

First paragraph: Cat

Second paragraph: router

Third paragraph: Routing cats

Fourth segment: Switch

  First paragraph: Cat

Why call a cat, is moden, broadband Internet modem, my is the light cat, no matter what cat, is a line into the device, and then from this device out of a network cable, plugged into your computer.

Your computer can dial the Internet, some communities or some areas have been omitted to use the cat this step, directly to you a wire, plug into the computer directly can dial.

I used an5006-01 A (light cat) to convert the fiber into a network cable that could be plugged directly into the computer.

There are three kinds of general internet

  Second paragraph: router

Routers are known to plug in to the network cable, set a good dialing, you can give more than one computer to share the Internet, the general router has two components, WAN and Lan,wan is used to dial.

is to give way by oneself can surf the part of the Internet, LAN is used to Exchange data in the LAN, like the role of the switch, our computer plugged into the LAN port to access the Internet.

For example, the computer inserted in the router to the Internet, Wan port through the Internet, to send data to the LAN port, LAN port to send to the computer, the wireless router is how to work, wireless router's wireless part of the general LAN.

So it is generally called WLAN, so that he is the same as the LAN port function, can be connected to the wireless router device to the Internet, if the wireless part of the WAN, then wireless only when dial-up use, such as connecting CMCC, using a router to rub the neighbors home WiFi.

Why plug in the route directly to the Internet, because the routing of the built-in DHCP server, you can use the routing of the computer automatically assigned IP, so they plug directly into the Internet.

Why someone used the router will be slow, because the route can not bring up so many computers, a common home routing with 20 computers, your 1000M network cable still off the line, download slow, the Exchange performance of the route is too low.

The router is like a small computer, has the CPU and the memory composition, the CPU is low, the Exchange performance is low, the data exchange is slow, the network speed is slow, also possibly is the router firmware has the question, proposed buys the time carefully chooses the router

My mercury cable router, no wireless features

My Huawei Hg255d modified version of the wireless router, OpenWrt firmware, can be a number of dials, free to upgrade speed

  Third paragraph: Routing cats

Routing cat is the combination of the router and the cat, both the function of the cat and the function of the route.

My ZTE h618b, this is no line by the cat, and the normal router is no different, but in need of the cat environment, can be a person when two characters

  Fourth segment: Switch

finally to the switch, the switch simply said, is not to dial the router, so understand, he only LAN, no WAN, how the switch is the Internet?

Plug the network cable into any interface of the switch, insert the computer into any interface of the switch, and plug the computer 2 into any interface of the switch so that both computers need to dial to get online.

Is the broadband connection, the switch is not using the router's dialing method is the same, so that the switch is used for data exchange, not much to say, I draw out to understand.

Two examples of application

My Mercury 8-port switch

Back, all LAN ports, no WAN ports

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