The rookie taught you to send the project to the website.

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Step: First, build a simple Java Web project

1. Create a project


2. Create a home page


3. Inserting content and pictures



Second, Baidu Cloud

1. Enter the official website

2. Register/Log in Account


3. Real-name authentication


4. Because it takes a little fee to publish to the Internet,

Do great things do not care about this money, so charge a 1 yuan


5. Deploy a Bae


6. Deployment Services


7. Add a Deployment


8. Modification of Deployment information


9. Information on the execution unit


10. Next Step


11. Payment


12. Payment Success


13. When to be when ~ ~


Third, SVN

1. Baidu Search SVN 64 or SVN 32


2. Then it's just a stupid installation.


3. Create a Folder


4. Import Service


5. Copy Code Management


6. Copy the path, click Confirm


7. Update


8. Update complete


Iv. Exporting our Java Web project

1. Export


2. Select an address


3. The path is selected in our folder, named Root.war.


4. Click Confirm


5. After the export, the error is


6. Because we did not update to the server


7. Update the project


8. Confirm


9. Update success


V. Release of new projects

1. Release the new version

2 release success


3. Click to enter your website


13. Website Information


The rookie taught you to send the project to the website.

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