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In the morning unexpectedly be suppressed awake, not unexpectedly, early morning means early to the department, but does not mean early into work, I read a novel, but a sense of guilt.

The work of today's Day was written in the morning summary. Never thought, really write some words, also need to spend a lot of time, now, for writing articles and writing procedures, I can not find any difference. I used to think that writing a program is taller than writing an article, being too young. I think it's unwise to try to fool others with your own profession.

In the afternoon, a closer look at the composition of the paper, chart, formula, but I found that these formatting is essentially and the content of the changes must be done at the same time, otherwise, now will do a lot of useless. You are only familiar with the format of the orchestration. was not determined to begin to revise the article content. So, this thing will be dragged by me to next week.

In the evening, I came to a college classmate, I still take her to our campus, just like with the former classmates turn. And those guides take people every day, walk the same process, as if there is no difference. And she chatted about the work, but the content of the chat is very broad, and not too much to impress me, more thinking is a question-and-answer style of running words. There may be some things, or you can not talk to each other, or say, with their own empathy, fewer and less, with their own on a channel.

The same channel

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