The SCP of Linux

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Linux SCP commands are used to copy files and directories between Linux . SCP is the abbreviation for secure copy, and SCP is a secure remote file Copy command under the Linux system based on SSH login.

Command format:
  SCP [Optional parameters] File_source File_target

Parameter description:
-1: Enforce SCP command using protocol SSH1
-2: Enforce SCP command using protocol SSH2
-4: Force SCP command to use only IPV4 addressing
-6: Force SCP command to use only IPV6 addressing
-B: Use batch mode (transfer password or phrase is not asked during transfer)
-C: Allow compression. (Pass the-c flag to SSH to turn on the compression function)
-P: Preserves the original file's modification time, access time, and access rights.
-Q: The transfer progress bar is not displayed.
-R: Recursively replicate the entire directory.
-V: Displays the output in verbose mode. SCP and SSH (1) will display debugging information for the entire process. This information is used to debug connections, authentication, and configuration issues.
-C cipher: To encrypt the data transfer with cipher, this option will be passed directly to SSH.
-F Ssh_config: Specifies an alternative SSH configuration file that is passed directly to SSH.
-I identity_file: The key file used to read the transfer from the specified file, which is passed directly to SSH.
-L Limit: limits the bandwidth that the user can use, in kbit/s.
-O Ssh_option: If you are accustomed to using the parameter passing method in Ssh_config (5),
-P Port: note is uppercase P, port is the port number specified for data transfer
-S Program: Specifies the programs that are used to encrypt the transfer. This program must be able to understand the options for SSH (1).

Sample references:
  Scp/usr/chendeming/local/1.mp3 [Email Protected]:/usr/docker/local/1.mk3

Additional references:

SCP hint Permission denied, please try again. Workaround

The SCP of Linux

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