The search algorithm of first knowledge taboo

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A week ago with the lab to discuss with the younger brother, under my influence he began to sit on the completion of the set ... Now wait for my classmate to come to me, the discussion of the content recalled.

Write a personal understanding, the statement is more chaotic, only a primer, I did not delve into.

This is a heuristic search algorithm.

In order to solve the TSP problem, it is assumed that the ABCDE of the distance between cities in five cities is not a map.

1. Assuming that a starts with a, ABCDE, this hypothesis is arbitrary, because the TSP is a ring, there is no beginning, calculate the distance need to add a ring.

2.BCDE 22 Switching, note is adjacent to the interchange, not a (n,2), is the Bc,cd,de exchange, calculate all the TSP distance, note that the ABCDE distance need to add the distance of the EA, assuming the shortest distance sequence is Seq1.

3. Add Seq1 to the taboo table, including the ordinal 1, indicating the first sequence, sequence, and length.

4. Take SEQ1,ABCDE, adjacent Exchange BCDE, this affirmation and the last time there is a repetition, but will not completely repeat, take the shortest path corresponding to the sequence to join the taboo table, become Seq2.

5. Repeat k times, the length of the taboo table is K, why the taboo table to save K times, do not choose the smallest k times, because even if the smallest one may be the local optimal, other non-local optimal through the adjacent exchange may be global optimal.

The length of the taboo table and the length of the taboo are not a concept, all to ensure the diversity of the algorithm.

The length of the for taboo table

For taboo length

For each sequence, repeat the number of times the taboo length, such as the taboo length of 3, select 3 times the smallest replacement taboo table of new things.

Completely personal understanding, not necessarily correct, I have not studied taboo search, just do a record, please crossing to its dross, take its essence.

The search algorithm of first knowledge taboo

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