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Search engine is a traffic transfer station, search engine is just a reversal of volume, this SEO should be particularly clear to the people. The final flow of search engines will still come to the site, many sites to accumulate users or search engine this trick, perhaps users use search engines to find a good site after the collection of this site, and then no longer through the search engine into the. or enter this site directly into the Web site, or search the search engine brand words come to your site is a way, to these ways traffic to your site is basically your loyal users, that your site is to retain people, but your traffic is how much from this part?

If your site does not do a good job of keeping people this step, then more traffic flow in, will also stay away. Your site has nothing at the end, the site needs to be like a reservoir, how to say also have to precipitate some things. Instead of a river above the water, the river is not, many rely on the search engine site will appear this situation. Once the site in the search engine performance of the anomaly, traffic lost its source, if a person is relying on this site, then you will also lose their livelihoods. This time the precipitation of users will become very important, even if the search engine stopped, it is also possible to use the precipitation of those flows to continue through this difficult period, until the new traffic found.

The way to retain people, first of all, our site needs to have quality content, because a user came to a website must be to find what he wanted to find. So this is a rigid requirement, and if you can't solve his current difficulties, it goes right away, and then it's going to miss out on something wonderful. So a Web site to solve the user's immediate needs is critical, of course, you solve the problem and then there is a more important issue, that is the long-term user. For example, iphone1 to Iphone5 's name, why products do this generation, the reason is for long-term retention of users.

How to solve the user's immediate needs and solve the long-term needs of users, many people in the 1th to do better, small sites are doing better. But to solve the long-term needs of users to develop users into loyal users, it is very difficult, and even a lot of large sites are not good. What kind of content has such a long-term character is worth your thinking, such as news is this feature, if your site to provide quality SEO news, then I do not have to come to your site every day to see the news. For example, software upgrades, I downloaded the software you developed, need to upgrade, of course, you need to download the site. Of course, there are some other features of the content can allow users to produce habits, we combine their own industry into summary use it.

Another is the combination of tools outside the site, because the site's own ability to keep people is very poor, at present, the enterprise station basically does not have this function. Blog and forum slightly better, now is the social times, interactive exchange and sharing changes in the abnormal important, but our site is unable to achieve these functions, such as the best communication or QQ, can come to our site to the QQ group of people. Our website is written in the bulletin, such as our site and new things, can be sent through the QQ group. It can also be emailed to you, and more loyal users will be able to subscribe to the way you read your content.

If your content is really cool enough to be attractive, then you have to use Weibo. Microblogging is like a diffuser, you can quickly make your site famous, the key is whether your content quality. Weibo is also a communication platform, with QQ and QQ groups have the essence of the difference, because QQ is invisible to others, micro-bo others can be seen. So many of the official microblogging operation of the relatively good can basically solve a lot of problems, Micro Bo can also serve as a customer service issues and users more communication. That's the kind of interaction that really makes you a fan. Now the micro-letter is getting more and more hot, you just see if you can provide good content, combined with the use of these tools, then these tools will be complementary to your site, promote the development of the site. So retain people not only rely on high-quality content, but also to use good tools, do network marketing needs global vision. article content by Dongguan Packaging Products Co., Ltd. share, I hope that all of you in the overall operation of the website has provided, thank you.

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