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In the process of Photoshop processing pictures, the control of the selection of the operation is undoubtedly the most basic and most used one of the operations. The techniques that we're going to learn about controlling the selection are some of the classic techniques that many Photoshop users aren't exposed to, and when you're done you'll be amazed at how simple and interesting these complex selection operations are. Of course before I was that sentence, more with hot keys, with less effort. OK, let's get started.

Move the selection area (when creating a selection)

You might want to create a selection area to cut a graphic, but you always have a bad location, so you know you don't have to set a bit before you make a selection, and you can move it after you build it? The technique shown in the following illustration shows this very well and creates a precise constituency.

1. Use the Elliptical Marquee tool (SHIFT+M) to drag out a rough selection, hold down shift to draw a positive circle, we mentioned the previous learning content. Don't mind where you start the selection.

2, the election area is established, do not switch tools, is still elliptical marquee tool, move the mouse to the selection area, hold down the left button, drag.

3, hold down the shift or ALT key to resize the selection until the selection is completely surrounded by the selection.

4, repeat 2-3 steps until all the parts that need to be selected are selected.

Note: This technique is used with the elliptical marquee tool, and of course the rectangular marquee tool can do the same.

Cross-Select Area

Maybe you already know. Hold down the SHIFT key to increase the selection and hold down the ALT key to reduce the selection, but do you know that you can hold down the ALT key and the SHIFT key to create a cross selection?

The application of this technique is very useful, but in this example, we simply introduced to you, after all, we are studying, I do not want to make you confused,;-

1, use the Elliptical marquee tool to draw a flat oval, release the mouse.

2. Now, hold down the shift and ALT keys, and draw an upright ellipse to intersect with the first oval selection.

3, first release the mouse, and then let go at the same time press the ALT and SHIFT key, see, the work area only you set up the intersection of the two constituencies, oh, is not very like TV screen?

For this technique, there are two good applications:

(1) To establish an intersecting selection between two different layers. Ctrl-click a layer, import a selection of an opaque area, and then hold down CTRL, ALT, and shift to click on another layer, and you set up a selection of the intersecting areas of their opaque regions between two different layers.

(2), assuming that there are multiple objects in the layer you are building, like the text layer contains a lot of text, if you only need to get one or some of the text of the selection, you can first hold down the CTRL key and then click the text layer, import all the text selection, Then hold down the ALT key and the SHIFT key to create a selection that intersects with the word you want to get, and you get a selection of the word.

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