The secret of the Product launch page: The emotional story resonates with the user

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In our actual product use or design process, there will always be 2-3 seconds is left to our product launch page. So why do all products have a startup page for a few seconds? What is the purpose of this? Why are some products always in a good place to replace the startup page? Here I will start some of the analysis of the summary written for your reference.

First, what is the product launch page

When the application is opened by the user, the Transition page (or animation) that is seen by the user during the program startup is collectively known as the Launch page.

Two, why should have the launch page

According to the normal product design ideas, so that users with the fastest speed to use the product is the primary guarantee, and this is not the purpose of the launch page against it? Why do we have to bother designing the startup page even if it still needs to be started? In fact, in the actual product start-up process is a certain amount of time, In particular, the operating system, large graphics software, or game startup time is relatively long, if not to give users positive feedback will be a problem:

1, users do not know that you continue to operate, thinking that the application of inefficient or card death

2, the interface is not friendly, the user has disgusted, the following figure DOS system splash screen

Third, the role and purpose of the launch page

First, let's look at Apple's official design instructions for the iOS launch page:

To enhance the user experience when the application starts up, you should provide a startup image. The startup image looks very similar to the first screen of the application. When a user clicks on your application icon on the main screen, the IPhone OS displays the splash image immediately. Once you are ready, your application will display its first screen to replace the boot placeholder image. It is important to emphasize that the reason for the launch image is to improve the user experience, not to provide:

1, "Application into the experience", such as the launch of animation

2, "about" window

Branding elements unless they are a static part of your application's first screen

You might think that following these guidelines would cause the startup image to appear dull, but that's actually the case. Keep in mind that starting an image does not provide an opportunity for an art presentation; it is designed to enhance the user's perception of how quickly an application can be started and put into use immediately.

It is obvious that in Apple's cognition, the boot page must be used to solve the user's waiting time and to ensure the user's fluency. But is the startup page really just going to do this? I don't quite agree, this golden-like seconds can be better used. So the start page I agree with the two major roles should be started:

During the application startup process, the application experience is smoother by reducing the waiting anxiety of the users.

The humanistic feelings of conveying information (business information, the core role of the product), stories or products

Four, Quality launch page appreciation

I'll split the product launch page into several categories for the purpose, and share some of the quality launch pages with you.

(1) To ensure the smooth use

This type of startup page uses a picture of a program as the starting transition for the program, allowing the user to assume that the program is ready for use. One of the ibook and the Google Earth and the actual program interface with the best interface, a bookshelf, a distant world, too beautiful!

(2) Brand information transmission

Brand Delivery class Start Page relatively simple, the basic use of Product name + product logo for the structure, simple highlighting the theme can be.

(3) Emotional story resonance

It's really not easy to tell a story or express feelings through a short launch page. A few of the selected letters here resonate best. The villain on this Lonely Planet is not very good in the picture itself, at least a lot worse than most apps, and I have reason to believe that the micro-trust team is absolutely capable of making a better looking launch page. But why use this one all the time? In fact, it is not difficult to understand that the core of micro-credit products is not caught in the long night of the city men and women empty heart? Look back at this picture lonely on the planet lonely you and I, silently watching this planet of the sea of every move, this is not just a micro-letter team and users of a resonance ah!

Text: Xuzhe's study notes

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