The SEO formula of Chinese Wind: seo= I'll go.

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SEO Classic formula (SEO=∫CLOCK=∫C1+L2+K3+O4), almost do SEO work friends have heard. Although this formula is a very vivid display of SEO work necessary five points, but is an exotic, on the one hand memory is very inconvenient, for English illiterate, content, link, keywords, others these four words need to remember half a day; On the other hand this is mainly foreign SEO peer invention, their main battlefield Google and domestic SEO major battlefield Baidu still has a difference. Therefore, the author today to share a Chinese wind seo new formula:

seo= I Go (WLGQ)!

W: Article

High-quality articles are a prerequisite for quality web sites. Although the collection, with software brushes and other techniques, there are people who can use good, the site to do, but these are after all, are stepping on the red line of Baidu to do. Once the algorithm is upgraded, the likelihood of being k is several. Even if the site is not punished, then the low quality of the article is also unable to retain users, so the result of light jump rate is very high, heavy is the user complaints.

L: Links

Links are mainly divided into internal chains and outside the chain. In order to reduce the spider crawl difficulty, enhance the spider friendliness, inner chain is essential. Good internal chain is not just to do to Baidu Spider look, but also in the appropriate place to guide visitors to continue to visit. The role of the chain is needless to say, "Outside the chain for the Emperor" is not covered. After all, if you want to be Confraternity master, you must have a large number of elders to vote for you, right?

G: Regularity

This is not included in the previous formula. Because the Baidu Spider for the regular website attaches particular importance. On the one hand, fixed time every day to update the posts in the station, the number of articles is also gradually increase or gradually reduce, so as to keep the spider friendly (I guess Baidu spider stomach is not very good, so it only like meals a day, rather than overeating); On the other hand, outside the chain work also need to do a fixed period of time to do, Make it easy for spiders to develop regular web site crawling laws.

Q: Other

This "other" is similar to the "long tail" we often say, including server speed, domain age, 404 pages, and so on. These aspects, compared with the first three points, is not as important as the first three points, but the synthesis of these aspects is a key job in SEO work. "Details determine success or failure", only the details of the various parts of the thoughtful, in order to prevent the "one iron Nail destroyed an army" tragedy.

!: Mentality

Baidu's ventilation is frequent. Sometimes good to do the station, Baidu suddenly give you k off the home page, drop rankings. So, in Baidu this battlefield, we need is calm mentality. Encounter Baidu Crazy, we complain about two sentences, no need to be depressed, unhappy. To clear up the above aspects, if there is no problem, then continue our work, our site will gradually improve, but only a matter of time.


seo=, I'll go! So, do not need to do a daily sad to do site optimization, careful, patient, calm, and then drink tea to see their own site gradually improve the rankings, traffic gradually increase it!

Article from the real-name Network marketing team members-Jun Junwei, reprint please keep the link, thank you!

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