The server of Nginx (ii)--nginx access control and virtual host

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One, Nginx access control

(1) Authorization-based access control

Nginx, like Apache, can be implemented based on user authorization of access control, when the client to access the appropriate Web site or directory required to enter the user name password to normal access, configuration steps and Apache basically consistent

The first step: Generate the User password Authentication file, use HTPASSWD to generate the user authentication file, if there is no such command, you can use Yum to install the Httpd-tools software package, using the same as before the Apache certification

~]#htpasswd-  c  /usr/local/nginx/passwd.db   test   #回车后会让输入两次密码

The permission to modify the password file is 400, the owner is changed to Nginx, so that nginx users can read

~]#chmod  /usr/local/nginx/passwd.db~]#chown nginx/usr/local/nginx/ Passwd.db

Second Step: Modify the main configuration file corresponding directory, add the authentication configuration item Auth entry, check the syntax, restart

1 Server {... 2 Local/ {3   root  html; 4 index  index.html  index.php; 5 " Secret " ; 6 auth_basic_user_file  /usr/local/nginx/passwd.db; 7 ~]#nginx-t8 ~]#service Nginx Reload

(2) Client-based access control

Nginx Client-based access control is simpler than Apache, the rules are matched from top to bottom, if the match is stopped, no longer matches down


Deny IP/IP segment

Allow IP/IP segment

Example: In addition to the network segment, network segment, all remaining IP Cannot log in

1 location/ {2  root  html; 3 index  index.html  index.php; 4 deny; 5 allow; 6 allow; 7 deny all; 8 }
Second, Nginx virtual host

You can create multiple sites on a single server, each virtual Web site has a separate "server{}" configuration segment, each listening IP address, port number can be specified separately, of course, the site name is also different

Nginx supports three types of virtual hosts: domain-based, IP-based, Port-based

(1) Domain-based virtual host building (most commonly used more than 90% use this)

① for and to prepare domain name resolution, can modify the Hosts file

② Prepare website catalogue and test homepage of each website

~]#mkdir-p/var/www/html/btcom  testcom

③ Create a index.html in two folders

④ Modify nginx.conf, configure two "server{}" areas (note the red font is our attention)

1 server {2Listen 80;3 server_name;4CharSet Utf-8;5Access_log logs/ www.test.log main;6Location/  {7Root/var/www/html/ testcom;8 index index.html index.htm;9 }TenError_page 500 502 503 504/50x.html; OneLocation =/50x.html { A root html; - } -}

⑤ access to two websites by domain name

(2) IP-based virtual host building (IP too expensive, not used)

① to prepare multiple IP addresses, using sub-interfaces or multiple NICs

Example: Ifconfig eth0:0 setting sub-interface URLs

② Prepare the catalogue and test homepage of each website

③ Modify nginx.conf, configure two "server{}" area (note the red font is what we should pay attention to, pay attention to the difference)

12 listen server_name CharSet Utf-8
    5 Access_log  logs/
    www.test.log  6 location  /
      7 root/var/www/html/
      index index.html  9
      }error_page  502  503 504  /
     50 x.html; Location =/
     50x.html {
      root   html; 14

④ access to two websites with IP address

(3) Port-based virtual host building (more internal tests used in the company)

① Select ports, select unused ports in the system

② Prepare the catalogue and test homepage of each website

③ to prepare the domain name resolution, according to the configuration file to determine whether to parse

④ Modify nginx.conf, configure two "server{}" area (note the red font is what we should pay attention to, pay attention to the difference)

1server {2 Listen192.168.1.2:81; #注意: The second server port is changed to 81, before you need to login with a domain name to change the previous IP address to the domain name   3 server_name; #注意: Change to Domain name as needed 4 CharSet Utf-8; 5 Access_log logs/Www.test.log main;6 Location/  { 7 root/var/www/html/testcom;8index index.html index.htm;9}Error_page 500 502 503 504/50x.html;Location =/50x.html {12root html;13}14}

⑤ the IP address or domain name to access two sites, note the input IP, followed by the port number;81

The server of Nginx (ii)--nginx access control and virtual host

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