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I do not agree with the "Seven Wonders of the World it", which was selected by the American PC Magazine magazine in August 2007. A careful look at 7 so-called miracles, really can be called a miracle of the two bar, the others are too far-fetched. Why are the American editors so blind to the Chinese it sector, which is also heavyweight in the world? I choose a "China's IT Industry seven wonders", perhaps some people will hold different views, but welcome everyone to communicate!

The First great miracle--qq

With an instant chat tool, China's Internet is the most money-making machine. 230 million of registered users are more than twice times more than the official population of internet users (110 million). Although the QQ Father Ma early borrowed some of the idea of ICQ, but the QQ miracle, is completely the Chinese market localization miracle. QQ culture rooted in the Chinese market, so that the old Internet boss Sina, Sohu and admiration.

This miracle does not include the man of Ma Teng. It seems that MA in the early days did not really see the development of QQ, he is just a at the right time, the right place, happened to do a right thing. All of QQ, is brought by the Chinese Internet. Ma, who once wanted 1 million to sell QQ, now holds only 14% of the company, and QQ's biggest shareholder is two South African companies.

the second big miracle--Baidu and Robin Li

If Google's success is a world-class miracle, Baidu is the absolute Chinese miracle. Baidu's success, inseparable from the core characters Robin Li, these two Chinese it elements can and called the second miracle.

1999 to return to business, outside the Google, Yahoo, Sohu, Sina. Along the way, has suffered a customer arrears of service charges, the board of directors against the bidding rankings and other setbacks, Baidu has now occupied the Chinese search engine 80% of the market share, the company market value of nearly 10 billion U.S. dollars, the profitability of domestic second only to QQ ...

Baidu's competitors, whether Google, a search, sogou or search, are still far behind in the run. Li's persistence and perseverance are the real reasons for Baidu's success. Miracle!

The third miracle--focus media and Jiangnan spring

The success of an idea! Only by grasping the white-collar workers and other elevators for a few 10 seconds, Jiangnan spring to create a never before the outdoor advertising empire. The pattern of the media is unique to China.

Only in the national conditions such as China, Jiangnan spring can eat so many office buildings, high-grade apartments and stores, and only in China such a market, Jiangnan Spring can rely on their own years of advertising industry experience, a short span of 5 years, creating a turnover after CCTV and Shanghai, China's third largest advertising company.

Miracle! A miracle of Chinese style!

The fourth Miracle--Charles Zhang

Sohu--Charles Zhang, a man's empire! Although Zhang is not the earliest internet, but it is recognized as China's Internet pioneer. Charles Zhang's many predictions about China's internet have come true-the meaning of the Internet revolution will surpass the industrial Revolution, the Internet will appear large-scale e-commerce, the internet will be more and more people accept, the Internet competition will be the key to the "eye economy" and "attention economy" competition ...

However, Sohu in any one field can not become the eldest, search engine as Baidu, news than Sina, mailbox as NetEase, the number of members than QQ, wireless than Tom, the game is not as grand. Over the past more than 10 years, Sohu has become the Huangpu Military Academy of China's Internet, and after leaving the senior personnel, many achievements have been made. Chanjong after his departure, leading the financial sector in the United States listing, weeks cloud sail after leaving, the creation of the air network, Koo and Li Shanyou after the departure, created Youku and cool slip ...

It is hard to imagine, if Zhang also left Sohu, Sohu can still have what ...

The fifth Miracle--Chen

Sina and Sohu, also as the first generation of Chinese internet pioneer, have experienced large-scale personnel changes. However, Sohu frequently change is the editor-in-chief, unchanged is the CEO, Sina frequently change is the CEO, unchanged is the editor-in-chief. More than 10 years, Sina has done a lot of attempts, network game failure, search engine failure, wireless value-added failure, instant communication failure ... The only thing standing in the way is "Ace Editor-in-Chief" Chen the Internet News.

How many companies have boasted of Haikou, to surpass Sina news within a few years. They thought that the network news is the reprint Media manuscript, the comprehensive topic, 24 hours update just. So far, however, no one has surpassed Sina in these jobs. Chen, rather than Sina, is one of the seven wonders of China's it.

The sixth miracle--Chen Tianqiao

Shanda once had many chances to die, however, is Chen Tianqiao let Sheng for immortal myth. At the end of 2000, Chen Tianqiao insisted on a 300,000-dollar decision to buy the exclusive agency of the legend, making him break with the investor's China Network. After the Chinese net withdrew the capital, the penniless grand, the poverty was only left "the legend". However, "legend" did not disappoint Chen Tianqiao.

After a successful listing, Chen Tianqiao again--hired Tang June to pay a daily 500,000 of China's top salary. This time, Tang June did not let Chen Tianqiao disappointed. Chen Tianqiao is a man who dares to gamble. His every shot, all shocked the Internet, and his return after the shot, will again shock the Chinese Internet. The Legendary man!

The seventh Miracle--Ding Lei

China's technical Genius! At the end of 1997, Ding Lei 7 months wrote the NetEase free mailbox sold 1.19 million, but also to NetEase brought the precious founding funds. In 2000, Ding lei accurately seized the two major business of text messaging and online gaming, and the price of less than a dollar soared to 72 dollars.

NetEase in the network game success, thanks to Lei Ding for many years accumulated free mailbox and mature user registration system. User registration is convenient, bringing the Web page users to the client (online games) seamless transformation. Although netease in the portal position and influence is weakening, but Ding lei is worthy of China's IT industry a great miracle.

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