The short video era fire of those net red, can continue in the field of live glory?

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Dragon Boat Festival in the circle of friends fire, "through the quick look at China's rural status" article, although it was later confirmed that the data and conclusions are partly untrue, but let us refocus attention back to the short video field. In the noisy broadcast era, whether the existence of short video has its value? Live and short video, what is the relationship between the two?

Is it possible to make live papi sauce?

Strictly speaking, although the Papi sauce before the text and picture platform has done the corresponding efforts, but until the last year to find the core user positioning, only through the short video of this carrier fire up, a moment between Luoyangzhigui, valuation 120 million of the Papi the first single ad sold 22 million yuan.

But in the Papi fire in the first half of the 2016, the live market is also a jaw-dropping gesture, investment in Papi Lo Zhenyu also lonely tried to live, which makes me wonder: like Papi sauce such as the content of production, planning and dissemination of the ability of the network red, in the field of broadcasting can continue to glory?

First of all, I think Papi can also boldly try to do a live broadcast, there are three main reasons:

1) User positioning: Short video users are basically the users of the Internet products, especially in the women as many, they themselves watch short video demand is also recreational, entertainment and pass time, these users in the live can meet their corresponding needs, the acceptance of live products will be very high;

2) Content properties: Papi Most of the content, with easy funny and spit groove mainly, and in addition to a small part of the serious online education live, most of today's live platform is based on the demand for pan-entertainment, this part of the needs of the natural can be Papi content to meet;

3) Fan migration: Because of the interactive nature of the live broadcast, it is 0 viewers, as if you have a good content ready to be there, talking to the air is a little awkward. And the star and net red comes with the characteristics of fans, for the need for interactive live broadcast, it appears to have an advantage.

But even then, if you think, from the short video field to Live Papi will be able to control the live broadcast, even in the original popularity level of the higher, then you are wrong.

Successful Papi in short video field if you want to do live broadcast, there is still a key quality untested: that is the instant on-the-spot adaptability.


For example, this issue of "Women are really not good" as the theme of the video, in terms of the amount of transmission in Papi all the content can definitely be ranked TOP5. If Papi has not done such a short video, but instead directly open a live broadcast and talk about this topic, what do you think the effect will be?

My guess is, the others do not say, Papi certainly can not in the live 3 minutes 29 seconds to let you laugh so many times it? Those Papi originally well-planned content, and the most important, the entire content of the presentation process, it is difficult to be perfectly displayed in the live.

The people who want to be red in the mobile broadcast era, no matter what category they are talking about, must be people who have the ability to improvise and have the ability to improvise on the go, which is like an impromptu talk show that Europe and the United States are highly respected.

Perhaps you will say that this request is too high, whether it is Lao Luo's speech, or Guo Degang crosstalk, papi short video, etc., are carefully prepared and planned, rehearsed countless times, eliminated countless versions, and finally to show the appearance of excellence, need to improvise the content quality of the live broadcast can be compared with them ?

However, if the requirements are lowered and the ability to improvise is placed in specific areas, there are still a significant percentage of people who can do so.

In addition to the show and pan-Entertainment live, there are two kinds of very important live broadcast type, that is, the game live and sports live, because there is already a major content (games and events) there, with the promotion of time, the host only need to have a certain degree of content to two times to read and improvise ability to play.

Even, including such as YY live on the show, due to the form of performance and interaction basically fixed, mainly in the sit-in singing and chatting days mainly, the host only need to have a certain flexibility.

So, if you want to continue the Papi in the live broadcast field, because of the need for a long-term training to get the ability (instant on-the-spot), coupled with the characteristics of the broadcast itself, the user positioning, content properties and promotion platform need to be re-elaborated, I think the success is not less than her exploration in the short video field, It's equivalent to two startups.

So short video network red, in the end how to use good live it?

If we look at the Stars (offline fame) and the Net Red (online fame), the answer may begin to clear.

We can see that this year has been a lot of entertainment stars have tried to live this form, why like Fan Bingbing, Wangbaoqiang, such as the first-line star in the use of live, will be so familiar with it? I'm afraid this has to do with their countless film and television launches and the training of fans to meet.


Originally, the star may not all can live in this interactive form of live, after all, the film and TV plays well, in fact, after countless ng, countless times planning and countless rehearsals, the process is similar to the production process of short video.

However, because the star has to do in all parts of the needs of the offline press conference, at any time will face the sudden gush of fans, tricky reporters, all kinds of accidents on the scene, and so on, this just exercise out of the immediate response ability. It may not be as strong as every star, but it's more than enough to deal with online live interactions.

From this we can see, for the net red, can be the live as a short video supplement, similar to the "fan meeting will be online version" of the existence. With live streaming for viewing time and platform requirements (specific time-specific platforms), the consumption of live content is not as convenient as a short video.

Therefore, to participate in the live fans, is bound to be more loyal to the group of fans, they are more eager to interact, there is a face-on-the-spot, there is direct for the idol to cheer up and get feedback of the sense of honor. Without so much resources as a star, live streaming is likely to be the most cost-effective way to maintain a fan of short video networks.

So I think that if Papi try to do live broadcast, the popularity will certainly not be low, but this is to maintain the existing fans as the main goal of the live broadcast, rather than open up more new fans even in the broadcast field to raise a new net red opportunity. Live streaming will help Papi increase the chance of interacting with fans (after all, short videos are just one-way spreads) and reduce the cost of maintaining fans, but Papi's main battlefield will still be in short videos.

What does live streaming mean for short video platforms, plus or subversion?

Short video vs Live, the difference between the two may be much bigger than you think.

We know that the so-called Internet 1.0 ERA to the Internet 2.0 times, in fact, only the text of this carrier, from one-way release to the two-way interaction, that is, from the portal era to the community era.

Although the video is constrained by hardware and other aspects, this upgrade comes a bit slower. However, the main essence of the internet has always been the dissemination of information channels, whether it is text, pictures, sound or video, will experience the process from 1.0 to 2.0.

Now because of the popularity of smartphones, 4G and WiFi, mobile video content finally from one-way transmission (long video + short video), gradually came to the two-way Interactive (live) This step, so this tuyere, we do not want to miss.

But this tuyere, for the existing short video platform, in the end is to add or subversion?

As I mentioned in my previous article, "Mobile live products may be naturally better suited to some big platforms because the nature of this form of broadcasting is actually a tool that must be equipped with the right relationships and scenarios in order for the content produced on this tool to be spread and consumed most efficiently."

On Weibo, there are fans watching the entertainment ecology of the Big V, and there is a social need for strangers to find each other on the mo. These two platforms, if they can access live products, will greatly enrich the depth of their main process, and their product positioning is also in line with.

With the live broadcast, the star on the microblog can use live broadcast to share their status at any time, before the plane, makeup and party onstage, these scenes are excellent mobile live scene, and natural is to let fans interested in content.

Mo mo on the live, can no longer just show the talent to show the kind of talents to get a reward mode, and not just mobile scene under the various types of live live, it can also become a person to make new friends one way. ”

Similarly, live broadcast can also be used as an important tool for maintaining the relationship between Web-red and fans on short video platforms.

Although Papi has not yet started to do the live broadcast, but already a lot of American film on the net Red people began to use live to manage their fans. In addition to the continuous production of short video content, the network will also open live and fan interaction, and even the frequency of live broadcast is higher than the frequency of the release of short video content.

For example, the @skm break, is the United States to shoot on a short video of the talent (there is also a talk about why he can shoot fire in the discussion), he was able to soar in popularity, in addition to rely on his skills, may also be because he is the United States to open live and fan interaction of the most frequent network of red.


When the short video network has a certain fan accumulation, live streaming is a good way to maintain fan relationships, understand content feedback, and even give them new content inspiration. In turn, good live content can even be edited into short videos, and then spread two times.

For the time being, I only saw this in the beauty app to get the depth of the operation of live and short videos. Based on the platform-level leading content to get through, rather than some of the personal behavior of the network red, the United States to help its platform on the network red glow of a stronger vitality. After all, in addition to some of the top-level network red, most of the content of the net red will tend to be similar, users such as the use of group buy general look after there is no loyalty can say.


If you ask, is there any possibility of share in the field of live streaming, with the web red that started with text, pictures and audio? I find it difficult. We can take the "Network Red change history" on Weibo as an example, even if users, content and communication platform similar, by text, pictures and short video and fire up the net red, is not the same person.

The core reason may be: whether his content production links need to face, it may be a fatal link. We can find a lot of celebrities who can write and draw, but the live speech is very poor, and some even have basic communication problems (which in turn make him full of devotion in creation).

Even if, across the face of this, those who became famous in the early days of the silent film era of the artists, only because of the sound film era, with the dialogue to speak, a large number of people have been eliminated.

From the user's point of view, whether it is short video or live broadcast, more and more people began to express themselves in the form of video, even after 00.

This is no longer just a business thing, it is closely related to the characteristics of a new generation of netizens. The new generation of users is richer and bolder in the choice of media. They are more stressed to express themselves, they will feel that just words and sound is not enough, too stuffy, unable to express their true voice. Besides, actually the threshold of live broadcasting is actually much lower than the text.

From the text, expression, voice, pictures, video to live, from static to dynamic, all the way, the media of the ever-changing actually just appearance, behind the user needs is what we should really grasp.

The short video era fire of those net red, can continue in the field of live glory?

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